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PEing When you were young


PEing When you were young

Alright I’m curious,when you were younger did you try PEing.And if you did PE there was little to no gains?? Also will it effect you in the long run?

The reason I’m asking this is because when I was younger I use to do this,but not to a daily exercise maybe when I felt like it. Since I started again I haven’t seen any real gains or improvements in Both length & girth. The age I started peing was 15/16 now I’m 19. So if anybody knows about this Please feel free to post!

First, I think you start PE’ing when you start masturbating - though maybe it should be called PA for Alteration since not all the aggressive work could be considered Enhancing.

I’m 45 now and started PE-like work when I was 17 I think.. I had, and still have, a very large glans in relation to the rest of my penis. I noticed at about 17 that I could hold my left hand firm against my pubic bone and “clamp” my penis while pumping it with keggles. This would make my glans rock hard! I didn’t really think it would be “enhancing” at the time I just thought it was curious and fun.

I didn’t really start believing PE was possible until about 10 yrs ago. But between that time I’d go through periods where I’d manually clamp while masturbating on and off.

When my son was about 13 I told him, kind of jokingly, that he needs to start stretching the thing now while his body is still shaping it to be sure he gets all the size he’s due. I learned a few years later, overhearing some of his wrestling teammates, that my son had a monster in his pants. So I guess it’s worked for him too. :D

I’m 21 now, and I’ve tried PE on various accounts when i was maybe 15-18, never took it seriously, like you said i would do it when i felt like it. I never measured gains or anything. Ive been PEing on a more routine based schedule since i found thunders in early 2008, i was 19 then. But more current PE stint has lasted over 6 months and I’ve only really seen a .25 inch length gain. Are you saying maybe from PEing early we maybe gained newbie gains already back then? When I looked back on it, i bet i got newbie gains back then. I remember masturbating when i was younger and my cock was never that hard, and after I tried PE back then, after and ever since then my cock as always been 100% hard while masturbating. Or maybe it was just puberty. I remember measuring a few times back when i was 13 or so and it was 4 inches, and now I’m 6.5 BPEL so who knows if it was all puberty or a little combination of both.

I learned about jelqing when I was in junior high and I used to jelq in the shower about every morning. But only for 25-30 reps a day. It seemed to work as I did have some nice gains (1/4 x 1/16) for the few months that I did it but I’m not willing to credit jelqing for all of the growth. Puberty probably had something to do with it.

I’m 20 now, and I’ve been doing PE for a year and a half. However, I expirimented with PE a little bit when I was 16, but because I didn’t stick to a routine, I didn’t make any gains.

We’re lucky we found out about PE at such a young age. There are people on ThundersPlace who didn’t start PEing until their 30s or even 40s. I’m sure those people wish they could’ve learned about PE at our ages.

Found PE when I was 18 right before I turned 19 did a routine one summer gained half an inch in length and maybe .1 girth. Continued, went to hard, hurt myself, shrank some, went to college no privacy.for 1 started again in jun 08. Tried jelqing and stretching, hard routines, shrank more partially because I had the wrong attitude. Started again in jan 09. Gained about .35 in girth since then, and maybe .25 in length. So I’m hesitant to start stretching and jelqing again, however I might start again this summer.

Now, here I sit in my 20the year of life, doing a much less stressful routine, and gaining decently.

From what I’ve seen though, most guys don’t have big cocks, seems like some tall guys do, but it seems to go by race mostly black, russian, polish, dutch all seem pretty hung. I think it varies form italian to italian, but they seem to have big balls haha.. Yeah.But I remember from the showers, even before I started PE I was bigger than maybe 65% or more of the dudes. And I was around 6.5 then

Yeah, but stay on track, it’s just something nice to use your time on.

I love holding a thicker longer dick in my own hand even.

You got to find something that works for you guys. And DON’t OVERDO IT OR ELSE YOU CAN BE WASTING TIME. Unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Good luck dudes.

Short Term Goal. 7.5 NBPEL. 5.5 EG. Long Term Goal 8.25 NBPEL 6.25 EG July 09 6.9NBPEL EG 5.2 August 09 7.1-7.2NBPEL 5.25 EG . October 7.1-7.25NBPEL, 5.25 EG Started at 6.5NBPEL, 4.6 EG

(Insert exceptional quote here) :P

I used to do some casual PE since I was 15 or so (till I was around 18). But I got bored/lost faith after a week or two. I don’t think it gave me any advantage. Maybe just awareness about all this but no real gains.

Last time I started like a year ago (didn’t last much either). I gained like a 0.5” in length.

I found out about jelqing at the age of 12 or 13. I am 18 now gonna be 19 in about a month. I actually joined this site when I was 17, but shh, don’t tell. I actually saw pretty impressive gains, I dunno if it was due to puberty or what, but When I was that age, I could only fit one hand around the shaft and my hand would reach the glans. Now I can fit both my hands around the shaft and it barely touches the glans.

Ever since I learned about PE from this wonderful website I have been asking myself how much bigger I could have been by that age if I had started PEing when I hit puberty.

I may be getting slightly off topic, but I think it would be a reasonable hypothesis that if you start PEing WHILE you are developing and growing, you could grow much more than if you simply try to stretch out the tissues that have stopped essentially growing (as most of us are doing).

If I have a son I think I will teach him about PE at ~ 13 years of age, give him a good head start (if he is so inclined).

I wonder how wide spread PEing is at young ages?

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

Shit I have like the same size length as if I was 15/16.if I can recall I was 6.25x like 5 now I’m like 6.75x5.50 and haven’t seen much gains since may when I first started.I hope if I do keep peing like I should have gains.I just thought it would effect gains now a day or stop gains since your penis is already use to it.

Are you measuring your BFSL also, nolove? Just an hint.

No. I’m just looking to get my erected/semi erected length up.But it seems like I’m not doing it right though.Why no Gains in a month!

Sorry for double post but, my BFSL now is a little over 7 in. From the side it’s about 7.5 in. I don’t know what that means or if it’s good, but yea that’s the measurements.

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