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Good Age To Start Peing


Good Age To Start Peing

I was just wondering what is the best age to start Peing I’m 28 and I stopped going threw puberty about 12 years ago I was just wondering if anybody can tell me what is the best age to start PEing. I wouldn’t call myself young but I’ve read were people in their 40’s - 60’s are more likely to gain more than those who are younger and who try to enlarge their penis.

” I wouldn’t call myself young ” ???

new2hanging, I have good news for you : YOU ARE YOUNG.

One can start PE’ing anytime after 20. You are lucky to discover PE at 28, make the gains and enjoy them longer than the guys who start at 40 or 50.

The older guys sometimes make initial quick gains which are actually getting back what they lost during the years.
But real growth is possible at any age.

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Thanks WillB7,

Foolish Child;

I wish I had started PE at your age. :-)

But, as will says, it’s never too late. Older guys can get very singificant gains.



Naw dude…wait 20 more years. You’ll make your best gains then…and discounts on Viagra will be much better.

I’m 21 and starting again:) I originally started at 19, but gave up in about 4 month’s, patience was a virtue I had not yet attained.


I wish I would have started at 12. Get to 16, be hung like a mule, get to college, be a virtual porn star. That would be a party trick—whip it out and slap someone with it.



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I beat you all…I started a few months before I turned 18 :)

been on it for a few months. about to start first year of college.

Joe seven…. I beat YOU!
I knew about PE probably since I was about 16 and started (very irregularly) when I was just about 17….

the trouble I had was that I couldn’t really tell what growth was due to puberty and what to PEing….

so it was less encouraging than say, if I hadn’t had any kind of growth down there for years and suddenly more.

I remember being 17(cm) then the next memory I have is 21, then 22.5, then 23.5 (cant remember dates I never really wrote anything down) and now just a touch under 25 (lost a mil or two because I quit for a long time this year)

so you could say that I made relatively quick progress over about 3 years, but thats if it was PE’s fault only… I think puberty played a role in it too though, so well, yeah I know I’m rambling….

But I think ultimately, if you start young and give that extra stimulus during early puberty that you will probably gain much more in the long run.
So fathers, if you want your boys to be hung, leave instructions lying aroud the house hehehe even if they just dabble/experiment, it’ll boost their natural growth heh! cool! lol


yeah, but did you guys start masturbating regularly in grade 2? :)

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

I guess I started in 2nd grade too….course I was 14 ….


what kind of pe did you do when you were 16?


secjay, are you 10inches EL???


Yeah he is a damn monster! Look him up on the Pe Data sheet thing a ma jig at the Bottom of all the page’s by Size.

I started at sixteen. Saw some manual being sold online which was shipped when you won the bid, and you would pay later, or else the guy would slap negative feedback on you.

Well, i got the manual, never paid the five dollars, and got my negative feedback.

Good thing I didn’t pay the guy. In the manual, which was sold in a Dutch Auction to about fifty guys, it said to “get a nice hard erection” before jelqing. Well thanks, the guy probably started fify newbies off with erect jelqing. The danger of PE misinformation.

And i was wondering why I wasn’t making any length gains while jelqing at 100 percent erection. Lucky i didn’t screw up my wang real well back then.

By the way, like JJJ said about my current “dorsal penile nerve injury”,it really is a buzzsaw up and down, although genrally getting better. Sometimes I’ll think i’ll be good in a couple of weeks, and then it seem the next day like it’ll be a couple of years. I’m pulling through though, but maybe signing up for another date with the Doc to clarify everything.

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