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PE Regimen Advice

PE Regimen Advice

I’ve decided to start PE,in earnest this time, and not the half-assed uneducated way I had tried before. After reading a good deal of info on here I think I’ve come up with a feasible program for getting started the right way, hopefully with good gains to come. My proposed regimen would be as follows: 10 or so minutes of stretching after the warm-up period; 10 to 15 minutes of jelqing using OK, upside-down OK, and C grips; and then another 5 or so minutes of stretching afterwards. I’d plan on doing this every other day. Does this sound like a good plan? Am I missing anything vital? Or is this too rigorous a routine to begin with? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


Sounds reasonable, but as new-member suggested vary the stretching technique.

Every other day is fine for starters, but most have experienced the best gains by doing 5 days and then a 1 or 2 day rest. However if your routine suits you time wise, then it is not a problem.

Your routine is both length and girth related. Is that what you want? If you want length then again, new-members 20 minute routine is better, or 15 min at least.

In regards to the stretching technique I probably will use more time in that section. I began thinking that if I were already doing the exercises I might as well do ones that work for girth as well. I might try doing 2 days on, 1 day off and see if that works. I had tried doing jelqing in the past but found out I was doing it incorrectly and that might be why I needed a recovery day in between sessions. One other question, is it ok to be having sex on the day of PE’ing, or would that hamper the healing process?

To a certain extent, it depends on your make-up. It’s probably not a good idea to have sex immediately after PE, but several hours after shouldn’t be a problem.

Although if you had sex after every time you pe’d then it might have an effect. But it also depends on what sex you are having. A straight missionary will probably not, But a blow job where she is also wanking you like fury might.

It probably wouldn’t do any great harm to the minute tears that happen when PE’ing, but there is always the possibility of having a donut develop if your dick gets a lot of rough play.

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