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PE negative effects.that I've encountered at least

PE negative effects.that I've encountered at least

Hey, I’ve been practicing natural PE for about six months. I’ve gained 3/4” in length and maybe 1/8” in girth. While now being a solid 7”, I’ve had some problems:
1. Stretch Marks-
At times my dick has looked like a white/brown zebra and even a red/brown zebra. Luckily, I accidently let my lil buddy dry out when I forgot to moisturize for a week while not PEing, this caused the skin to peel, scary at first, but left a nice single color layer underneath.
2. Hairy buddy-
The added length has also caused my skin to crawl forward, giving my lil buddy a nice furry winter collar. I’ve dealt with this by simply plucking the hairs (painfully at first, but gets easier with time)
3. Ball sack on the move!-
My ball sack has seemed to also move forward and become smaller, I have yet to deal with this yet mainly because I don’t know how, tried simply stretching it to no avail.

The point of this post is to show you that PEing is great, but there are some bad effects, mainly making your dick look like a hairy monster with stripes.

Was the added 3/4” worth it.. Yes

My routine is somewhat random, usually about 15 times a month (sometimes I go for like 5 days of nothing). It consists of manual stretches for 10 min in the shower followed by about 100 50% hard jelqs, then 100 80% hard jelqs and then about 50 horse440s.

My goal is an 8er, if you have any suggestions, let me know

Well a little too late for you but I know that shea butter is really good for preventing stretch marks and keeping things nice and moisturized. It’s a little pricey but a little goes a long way. My wife used it for all 3 children we have and not one single stretch mark. Worked for a couple of her friends too.

The problem is your shaft is growing while your skin is staying the same. This causes your pubic hair and ball sack to creep forward.

Try stretching your shaft skin. Get an erection. Grasp the skin just under the glans with one hand and pull away from your body. At the same time, grasp the skin near the base with your other hand and pull toward your body. Do this for 10 minutes each day.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I wanna ask you a question. EVERYTIME before and after PE do you wrap a warm washcloth around your cock for 10 mins??

IF you don’t that’s where the discoloration is coming from.For me my main concern more than anything is making sure my cock stay attractive. And I make sure of this by warm wrapping and using Vaseline while jelqing,and I gotta say, my cock is a work of art.

Girls like nice big cocks, not multicolored, ugly big cocks(clampers). So make your first priority to be proactive in process of penis enlargement

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Washclothes are Gay.


lmaorofwtime at d sut.

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