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PE. does it.

PE. does it.

Hurt? Or have any dangers involved (ie loss of feeling)

My penis isn’t too small, but like 99% of men on earth id like it a little bigger. At 6.5x 6 I would rather not get into PE if there was much pain involved etc.

If not I’m going to start the newbie routine very soon. WISH ME LUCK :D

There is always a small risk of damage jm. Now, if you read the newbie routine, and listen to what the vets around here tell you, and you don’t attach your dick to the bumper of the next bus leaving Piccadilly square, you should be just fine.

Pain is a BAD thing, we don’t want Pain. Soreness-yeah ok, but no, repeat, NO pain. If you get pain you are gripping to hard, have attached it to that bumper or done something else really wrong.

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Probably not to much risk if you follow the newbie routine but there will always be some.

Try it, you’ll like it.

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Originally Posted by jm1g
I would rather not get into PE if there was much pain involved

I find this to be a very healthy attitude and am always amazed at the number of guys that manage to get some minor injury because they kept pulling on the thing after it started hurting.

A very small amount of soreness can be expected especially when you are brand new and learning the ropes but that is about it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think I’m gripping too hard.. And stretching too hard too. I have minor pain on the skin while jelqing, and a bit larger pain when stretching.

I think you should back off a bit, sounds like you are over doing it.
Take a break, let the pain subside, then start over “but take it easy” work your way up, small steps - large gains.
Good luck

Good luck - as Neophyte said “Try it, you’ll like it”.

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