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Pe after vasectomy

Pe after vasectomy

I am booked in for the snip in a couple of weeks. In theory the discomfort should only be on my balls so I am hoping I may still be able to jelq & pump. Anyone else had any experience with this?


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My guess is that the doc probably would say that you should lay off any rough penile/scrotum activities for a 2-3 week period after the vasectomy - or until it has properly healed.

Any medical doctors on the forum who can answer this?

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I’ve had a vasectomy, the dr told me to wait two weeks for any sexual activity. I wish I would have listened, after 10 days I had sex, bad mistake, I was in pain for an additional two weeks, then it got better. I would reccomend taking a month off PE. otherwise your nuts will be in excruciating pain.


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Not to be scaring you off, but not all vasectomies are a walk in the park. Mine was very difficult , for some reason. (in fact it was the first and only time I’ve ever heard a doctor apologize-more than once-for the procedure taking so long and being so difficult.) I was bruised from my scrotum, to the tip of my penis and clear into my abdomen. I felt as though I’d been assaulted. I certainly hope your procedure goes more smoothly (mine was definitely an anomaly,) but I’d definitely hold off on any tugging, stroking, etc until you’re fully healed. Good luck!!

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Yes, no touch for at least a week, and buy 3 large bags of frozen peas !! , they are the perfect cold pack, and MAN are you going to want to cold pack for the first 24 hrs.

When your “up to it”, your going to want to fire as many rounds as you can before you get your semen rechecked.You don’t want the wife to find out the hard way that you still had a few “stowaways” .;-(

Dude, don’t mess with anything after your vasectomy. I’ve seen the pics of what can happen and took mine as easy as possible. You don’t want your balls turning black and swelling to the size of oranges. I spent more than 24 hours with my balls iced (frozen peas as mentioned above), then took it easy for at least the next week. It’s a short period of time to go without exercising or sex, but totally worth it if you want to enjoy sex again without the worry of getting someone pregnant.

Get a bunch of movies to watch, DVR some shows, buy a book or two. Just sit your butt on the couch and relax for a couple of days. You’ll feel like you can do anything 24 hours after you have it done, but you can’t. Don’t find out the hard way. It’s deceiving what you think you can and can’t do.

Thanks for the input guys appreciate it.


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