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Only gaining flaccid length. . why

Only gaining flaccid length. . why

I have been doing PE for awhile. I’m not exactly new to this. But I have to start my thread here. I spent most of my time reading and weighing my options. Just for reference I am African American. I see that sometimes lots of questions come up regarding racial matter. And of course from what I can see this site is mostly dominated by European descent.

Now for my official intro. I’m 22 years old, and I had always wondered if there were ways to achieve a desired size. I had never had any problems or complaints until my recent girlfriend. She had a man b4 me that she claims has a huge penis. Actually I believe that because he was taller and leaner he may have had a more flaccid hang. But obviously when we have sex she sometimes pushes me back telling me not to go so hard or so deep. Before starting my PE a little over a year ago I measured in at 3.5 non bone pressed flaccid. 4.25 bone pressed flaccid, 6.0 non bone pressed erect and 6.5 bone pressed. The girth was 4.75 then when erect, and now is 5.25 my new erect length is right under 7 inches when bone pressed, but I can really only see the gains when flaccid.

At first I started with stretching, and then I purchased the Andro medical device, which is also the same as the fast size.
Of course the andro was very uncomfortable. The tubing would always slip off, and if you secure I too tight it would hurt the penis. So after about two weeks I gave it up and went to the manual PE. After modifying the andro I ruturned to it and it is quite comfortable. But this only came after using the redi stretch to hang. I started at 5 lbs and moved to 10, about 10 minutes at a time, twice a day. Then would use the andro to keep it stretched. I used shoe laces which I guess are nylon to hold my olympic plate weights. To my redi strecth. I thought to used the shoe laces to secure the glands in the angro.

Putting the lace through the provided gland padding and then tying a nice comfortable loop to keep everything in place. I could then wear the device for up to 4 or 5 hours. But I would only do so every other day after stretching. Because my penis has been slightly curved to the left since about age 12 the andro would always cause the left side to burn faster than the rest of the penis. So I would have to rud and put the andro back on after the sensation subsided.

I noticed the redi strecther gave me increased hardness in erection and I actually had ejaculations that shot out a few feet. But that only lasted a few weeks. Then I guess because I didn’t add more weight that I stopped seeing results. But I continued. To see the flaccid length increase. Well not actually increase. But I did not “turtle up as much as I used to. And no my flaccid is actually about 3/4 of my erect size. My flaccid now is 5 non bone pressed, and almost 6 bone pressed, but the erect length is not increasing at the same rate. I would like to reach 8.5 non bone preseed within a year and a half if possible Ive been reading chemical PE and I’ve looked at BiBs never let it turtle stragety, a lot of my girth came from using cock rings to keep the erection for long periods after getting myself worked up. I would just get online and then look at pictues of my girlfriends in the past and the current one to stimulate myself and then slap on a rubber cock ring. I know the clamping type force from the redi had a little to do with it. But I suppose the cock rings helped keep the penis engorged enough to not allow the healing to take place in a retracted state.

Looking for any and all input. Including any from the man himself Mr. Thunder. I have looked for your routine but haven’t found it. I’ve searched and searched. I usually send PMs to members, I never post, I’m an information collector,

Oh I also used dr testosterone cream a little. It’s not really test but it helps a little with the blood flow I think.

The kentucky derby is this weekend come on down. If you can find a room. It will probably be 600 a night. And that’s for a motel 6 or days inn. Sorry if you snoozed.

Stretching manually is for flaccid length, ads d length to erections.

The two grow independantly from each other.

You are right to take a break between sessions it is during the rest periods that growth occurs.

I don’t hang myself but lot of guys that will also do some jelqing as well for erection gains.

It can be shocking when your penis grows, some think there 7”8” penis’s are to small and can hardly believe the size when they measure.

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Hi John. If, before you discovered PE, someone told you that you could get even the half inch of gain you have for free, would you have believed him?

Keep in mind the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The hare goes faster but looses in the end to the slower, more determined tortoise. You are young yet, plenty of time to get that 9 X 6. Unless you are offered a staring role in a high budget porno, if in a year you haven’t gained more, then consider spending all that money for chemical PE that may or may not result in lasting gains.

I don’t know about you but if it’s free, it’s for me!-) Good luck.

Kingpole, I’ve read a lot of your posts, I’m shocked that you would come and respond to my post. But it’s much appreciated. I’ve looked and looked through different routines. And the people who have gained the most consistently. It seems to me those methods don’t work for me. Because of my slight curve. I think the curve is eating my gains, it’s not as bad as it used to be. But it’s still there.

And it seems for the past few years the quality of my erections is really fading. I’ve been under constant stress. And I know that may have a lot to do with it. But I’ve read about the extracts and such. Even read about one guys oil for his veins. I think he used rosemary, clary sage, lemon grass, and lavender. I tried that but I have very sensitive skin. And it burned and eventually gave me a small rash. I was scared to death. Went for check ups but I was fine.

It seems to me that the lig on the left side may be shorter than the one on the right. You see I used to sleep on my stomach. And my penis would be bent to the left. And I guess after years it grew that way.

I’m also living proof of traction and the ability to form the body through constant force. In middle school I had a Fixator on my right leg. The right leg was bowed. The MD’s had to break the two bones in the leg, and set them to the device. I would have to turn it to lengthen it out a little each day. After two months it was perfectly straight.

I’m wondering if the ADS will eventually have the same effect on the penis. But I think that it’s just making the entire penis grow at a steady rate, and not correcting the curve so much. I just feel that the curve may be slowing my gains, and I sure do feel it there before I feel it everywhere else.

To KT88… Thank you for your reply. I don’t usually appear here too often maybe twice a week. But I’m also shocked to see your reply. It’s very hard being African American and having every woman think your supposed to whip out a huge penis. And then when they see your just a regular guy they get disappointed. So the sex suffers a little. Because we all know sex is very mental to women. If they don’t feel a certain way. Or get excited enough, or happy enough or if you don’t put the puzzle together correctly then they won’t usually see the masterpiece called orgasm. And unfortunately that let down to them is enough to keep them from orgasm.

Of course after time they eventually break free from that, and you have healthy sex. But it is hard at first. And I can speak for that first hand.

But yes I was happy with my gains. But I don’t think it’s enough for my woman to notice. She doesn’t even know I do this.
Well I’ve told her I do things but not exactly, and depending on how strong my erections are. Depends on how much she enjoys it. So that’s why I’m focused on erection quality and erect length.

When I started I had a curve more to the left than it is now, I don’t really care for the slight curve, but it had bit of a twist to it and a weak spot jelqing took care of it,straitened out the curve. Add more jelqing to your routine and change it every six weeks for more rapid gains, ok I finally came out with it, iv’e hinted at it before now I’m stating it as fact, changing your routine often causes quicker gains.

Your girlfriend and other black woman most likely can care less about penis size, it is the love machine between your ears that drives the engine.don’t obsess and you will have continued success.

What a man thinks in his heart so is he.

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Thanks again. But I guess no one else is interested in helping me out

Half an inch on your length and girth after a year is not bad.

Slow gains most often seem to come from not using heat with stretching and not jelqing enough. Jelqing seems to be the ‘adaptogenic’ exercise which makes everything else you do work better. It may also help straighten your curve, but probably won’t get rid of it altogether. Curves are fairly common.


Been a while

No one else has said anything… And what ever happened to the guys who were doing the chemical PE?

Originally Posted by johnraymond

No one else has said anything… And what ever happened to the guys who were doing the chemical PE?

It has been awhile so whats up with you Mr Raymond?

Have you grown some?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hi johnraymond,

I don’t know if it counts for anything, but your length and girth now is my first objective.

If you have read around you will see some guys go for a year with no or little gains, this is rare, but it happens. These guys have gone on to report gains at a later time.

So you have to get a reality check here, you haven’t gained as much as some, but more than others.

At 7” x 5.25” you are above average, again, get a reality check.

If you have been PEing for the year, maybe now is time for a deconditioning break? Take a period off, then come back with a fresh approach. My personal aim is to do manual PEing for at least 6 months. Then I may take a break and come back to look at hanging, clamping and pumping.

I believe most can gain, but remember most are not going to gain 3” or anything. 2” in length seems to represent excellent gains over perhaps a period of years, be realistic in what you are expecting.

If you are also putting your whole self worth on your penis size, that isn’t healthy in my mind.

The reality for almost all of us here is we are never going to be the biggest any partner we may have has seen or been with. There will always be someone out there bigger. The thing you have to realise is OK, your girlfriend has had bigger, but she isn’t with that guy now?

I don’t think there is any magic lotion or potion to help. Knowledge, hardwork and dedication is the key. Maybe it is time you looked at your LOT, exit point and potential lig gains and target your routine? Remember, we are all different, work smarter to your needs, not longer or harder in the wrong direction!

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG

I am a big manual PE fanatic, so I have never tried chemicals or devices (yet) but as far I as I have read, using some chemicals with exercises like the jelq should be a bit more beneficial than without. IMO, more blood flow= more blood to jelq, right? Chemicals on their own though, will not have much of an effect in making your woodie bigger.


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My Pics

AOM's training log


I see I need to explain myself..

I never said that I was trying to speed up gains. I was only saying that the gains I measure are only visible when I’m flaccid.

I have be involved in PE longer than one year. I only joined in 2006. And even after joining I did lots of reading before I finally decided to post.

… No I haven’t gained anymore … I had to break because of injury. There is a 1/4 inch variable now. Depending upon how the erection quality is.

That is what lead to my injury I was doing some thread searching and saw. A mixture of oils that improved circulation. Clary sage. Lemon Grass, Rosemary, and Lavender. I tried these while using Andro medical ADS. I pinched the right side of my penis on the rods. And eventually went to the MD because I was scared I had an STD. I saw similar occurrences in threads also.

The test were all negative. But I still have problems with the injured area sometimes.

So if anyone can tell me why I’m only noticing the gains when flaccid. Or how to improve my circulation I would appreciate it.
My erection quality is nothing like it should be. I have to provoke myself to achieve erections that used to exist without effort.

your just getting old son welcome to the club

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