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Numb for a couple of days, damn

Numb for a couple of days, damn

Hey all, I’ve been numb for the last couple of days from just jelqing. Is it possible that I might have damaged myself permanently? How long have some of you guys been numb for before regaining sensitivity? I know nerves can heal themselves but it takes a long time. I’ve strained a nerve in my arm while curling, to where my whole arm went numb completely and lost all strength, scared the crap out of me. Took about a full month for it to pretty much fully heal. Just wondering what’s going on with my unit. Any shared experiences/input would be appreciated. Thanks!


Another bit of info I forgot to mention is that I am only numb on the outer skin of my unit. The head is still sensitive, but I can pinch the skin of my penis pretty hard and only feel slight pain. I also feel almost like a deep-tissue soreness, like in the center of my penis. Though it’s not painful, it is uncomfortable. I also haven’t been able to achieve a full erection for the last couple of days. Again, any and all shared experiences/input would be appreciated. Thanks again.


It’s taken me a week or so for full feeling, but somehow when you regain feeling your penis feels bigger. I’ve done this probably 5 times now just from jelqing too hard. If, after a week, your penis is still “numb” go to your doctor, but I believe it would be pretty hard to lose feeling in your cockles forever(you would probably make it bleed before you lost feeling from just a few sessions).

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Never had the problem but I`m new here. You are doing the newbie routine correct? You may be applying too much pressure.

Yes, I’ve been doing just the newbie routine. Have only had about four sessions total. Don’t know how to do anything else besides jelq, stretch, and kegel. Might have been from jelquing too hard. I pray that it heals fine.

The main nerves of the penis run along the top, on either side of the big vein. If you’re putting pressure there while jelqing that may be your problem. You should probably give it a rest. My suggestion would be for at least two weeks. Don’t touch it, don’t jelq, don’t do anything that would add to your problem.

How much pressure did you use? How long was the session? Dry or wet? You obviously did too much.

I’ve wet jelqed for years, 60-90 minute sessions, 4-5 times a week. The only ‘problem’ I’ve ever encountered was red dots on my shaft.


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Thats amazing, you guys must have a death grip on that thing. What are you trying to do rip it off? Work up to hard jelqing, start off with mild jelqs and progressively apply a little more pressure though the duration of the routine.

I’ve been jelqing for almost two years, and I’ve never had any kind of injury. Not pain of any kind, and I plan on keeping it that way. I do pretty intense jelqs, but you always have to work up to the intense jelqs in every session. And use lots of heat with a good long warm up session as well.

As far as you’re unit going numb, you should stop for at least a month. Then very slowly work you’re way back, maybe with some heat and very light pumping at first.

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