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Noticing penis changes after 2 weeks of simple stretching.

Noticing penis changes after 2 weeks of simple stretching.

Just wanted to give everybody a slight update and inform you guys, that just by doing the simple “newbie practice” I’ve noticed a change in my penis size. Just by doing twenty minutes of stretching, while watching my favorite TV show, has made a drastic improvement. I look thicker and hang even lower. Unfortunately, with finals right around the corner, I haven’t had the time to commit to jelqing, but looking forward to seeing changes.

For all the “guests” that are reading this thread. Read the “newbie” thread up top, and follow the simple exercise. I guarantee that you’ll see the changes.

Thickness is surprising, but stretching does wonders for flacid length in my opnion. From what I have noticed with my own routine is that stretching allows for the jelqing to properly stretch your tissue, hence why most people do it first. If you are seeing gains with simple stretches, I can only imagine what adding a jelqing routine would do!

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Yeah, I hope that I can see quick changes from jelqing as I did with stretching. I mean I’m already seeing thickness increase at the end of the shaft towards the belly. It looks like an inverted triangle. I’m thinking that every time I urinate, just to do 2-3 quick simple stretches, atleast that way during the day the muscle is getting it’s daily stretch.

What do you think about that?

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