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Not seeing Gains I need encouragement.

Not seeing Gains I need encouragement.

Hey everyone,

Here are my stats.

1/31/07- FL=4 in. FG=4.5in BPEL=6.5in. EL=5.75 in. EG= 5.5in.
3/8/07- FL=4in. FG=4 5/8 in. BPEL=6 3/4in. (17 cm.) EL=6 in (14cm) EG=5.5in (14 cm.)
5/18/07 BPEL= 18cm. EG=14 cm.

So here I am at a stall already. I have not gotten a lot of Newbie gains. Other then 1/4 in. Am I doing something wrong? Am I not doing enough?


5 min- warm up Hot shower
3-5 min. Wet jelqs.
Horse 440 and jelq squeeze between sets.

3 days on 1 day off

5 min. Every other day

I am looking for advice here. I don’t have a lot of time, so I do this in the shower most mornings.

Goal is EL=7.5 in. EG= 6.5 in.

Not seeing Gains

BS. 1/4” gain in EL according to the post above.

I should say I have not seen any more gains, no change for 2 months. I am a newbie. Am I expecting to much. I did not expect to stall so soon.

So if you think I am full of BS fine. Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

1) 1/4 inch is a gain.

2) 1/4 inch is a respectable gain.

3) Any reason you decided to switch your measuring system? That alone will prevent you from seeing gains. Keep your measurement technique consistent.

Am I not doing enough?

4) You’ve already had several injuries from overdoing it, probably from the 440’s.

I should say I have not seen any more gains, no change for 2 months.

3/8/07-BPEL=6 3/4in. (17 cm.)
5/18/07 BPEL= 18cm

Riight. There are guys out there who have not actually gained any EL for years. You have, by your own admission, gained 1cm EL in two months, yet you say that you haven’t seen any change. Which is it?

There’s the BS right there.


I’ve been doing PE for over 5 months (admittedly, making some mistakes at first) and have seen no gains at all. I’d be thrilled to have gained 1/4”!

Well then I am sorry for wining like a little girl. I am definitely happy to see the gain. I guess I was wondering if I should be doing something different to encourage more gains.

So many post of newbies having gains of 1/2 inch in weeks, starts a guy wondering.

As far measuring system. I have a tape that has both inches and cm. Cm seems more exact.

So forgive me for being a big baby. Thanks for the replies.

As GM says, you have gained OK, but if your gains have slowed right down, it may be time to step things up slowly.

5 mins every other day is not a lot of stretching. Try stretching 3 days on/1 day off, as you do with your jelqing. After a couple of weeks of that, up your jelqing steadily until you are doing at least 10 minutes.

If you have little time and privacy, take a glass of hot water to bed with you to stick your dick in for a warmup, then stretch in bed. Do a few minutes of dry or wet jelqing after.

Measure before starting to increase your routine, then don’t measure for a month. Hope that helps.

I would do a lot more of everything but just listen to your penis! Also you could try an ADS and go with 6 on 1 off or 5 on 2 off. To me looks like you aren’t doing enough. That’s the best advice I can give you. As long as you increase time but don’t injure yourself, and stay consistent, you will see gains.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Thanks for the advice. That is what I was looking for. I tried a silicone sleeve but I could not get it to work comfortably. I think that I am going to start upping my stretch times. I am looking for more length right now. I will focus on girth when I get closer to my length goal.

Thanks again for the advice and not criticism. I understand where it is coming from, but I am just looking for help.

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