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No longer a newb - need a new routine

No longer a newb - need a new routine

I’ve been doing PE pretty regularly for three months now. My current routine is:

7 minute warmup
3 sets of stretches in each direction (up, down, down left, down right) for 30 secs each
350 jelgs
7 minute warmdown

I’ve been going 3 days on, 1 day off. I’ve probably only gained a .1/.2 if anything but it definitely feels heavier in my hands and hangs lower most of the day. I’m looking for a new, more intensive routine and to incorporate some new exercises. Can anybody give me any suggestions? Looking for length and girth, but more girth. I would also like to keep the whole routine around an hour or so, thanks.

Maybe you should design your own routine? Your own little pride and joy :)

Take what you do and expand on it with what you know and what you can learn from the information here.

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You can increase the stretch time to 5 sets, or increase the time of each set, before jumping into more advance routines. 350 jelq is good enough. I think you should go for another month and see if the gains stopped. But increase the stretch time for now, and hope for more length gain. And 0.2” in girth (if I got it right) isn’t a bad start.

Just to echo pegain: the newbie routine it’s not a routine just for newbies. It is called that way because it builds the whole thing, if you get what I mean. Advanced routine are generally more focused on girth or length, but if you want to have gains on both, you can just increase time and intensity to the newbie routine.

Many did that way (just to name one, tntjockey) and got excellent results.

350 jelqs is a lot, at least to me. I’m around 200 still, but I do what kingpole says. Slow strokes are the way to go, and if you 350 slow strokes, that would take a very long time. Do you feel like you need a change in routine?

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Thanks pegain.. But so far there’s been no girth gains at all, just a .1 or .2 in length, if that. I feel better about myself though and I feel like there’s substanial room for growth. Maybe my problem is I jelq too fast? I try and take it slow but about the 100 mark I start to just want to get them done faster so maybe I rush them. I’ll knock it down to 250 and focus more on slower jelqs and I’ll increase my stretching set for now. I’ll do this until February or so and see what happens. I want to incorporate some Uli bends and stuff but I’m not real sure on how to properly do that so I’ll hold off and do some more research.

I agree with marinera, the newbie routine is really a solid all purpose routine and just because you have 3 months PEing doesn’t mean that you need to drop the newbie routine specially as you are getting results, as every mm will be adding up and it is a gain.

If I were you I would continue the newbie routine for another 3-5 months, of course as long as you continue to see results, even though they might seem very small. And I also agree that 350 jelqs are a lot.

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