next step for girth after jelqing

Alright I been jelqing on and off since january with small gains and would like to try something a little more advanced.. I would like to clamp or do some manual squeezes since I get real good expansion from these exercises but I dont want to stall my length gains since Im shooting for about a inch more. I been doing basic exercises for about 9 months with probaly a .25 inch gain in both length and girth. I tried hanging for a cpl months but couldnt get the wrappi g right and didnt really have the time. So I switched to a stretches and jelqing routine. I also tried the bathmate but I rather use it before sexual enconters since I get a lot more expansio. Like that rather than using it every other day. I pretty conditioned right now and would like to move onto something a little more advanced and still be able to make length gains. Anyone have any good girth routines