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Newbies first few questions

Newbies first few questions

I’ve joined the forum just recently, but I knew about it’s existence for the past 2-3 years. I’ve been last time doing PE exercises approx. 2 years ago, but because of not having time/place to workout/mood to train, I stopped. I’ve been training for approx 2-3 months, about 3 years ago, was experimenting a lot with the exercises, never did the hanging/clamming etc etc, only the standard “hand OK”. I gained approx. 1-1,5cm (0.4-0.6inch) in a 2~ months of regular training, later I stopped because I was traveling, partying etc - I was not at home too often. About 1 year later, I started it again, trained for about 6-7 weeks, gained about 1cm, and the same thing happened - I was not at home often, was studying, traveling etc etc. Later I was trying to start the training again quite often, but I changed the place of living, and the conditions for training changed again, and I had no possibilities to workout anymore.. Now when I look at it, I feel bad that I didn’t continue on training harder, so I’d gain 3-4 inches and not “only” 1 inch in 3year time (but like 3-4 months of trianing only).

I started training again just recently, like 1-2 week ago, here’s my “homemade” ruitine, might be not so special, but here it is (2days on/1 off)

5 mins hot shower
10 stretches, 4x up, 4x down, 2x left,2x right
4-6 rotation stretches 2-3x left and 2-3x right
10 times I grasp at the base of my penis, when it’s about 70% erected, I grasp it hard with the “OK” thingy, and after each 5 seconds or so I add next finger, to make the pressure bigger, it lasts about 25-30 sec each one time. ("Iron jelqs” or w;e it’s called)
5 mins of hot shower/long hot bath or I don’t do anything :P

Whole training takes approx 30-35 minutes with the showers

My main goal is the lenght ofc, but I have also some problems with the head. After the first 10 stretches head become really small, and it’s kinda hard to grab it, which makes the rotation stretches quite hard, I don’t know if it’s because of overdoing it or so, but I guess it’s not because it’s only 10 stretches for gods sake :<, anyone could give me a tip how to fix this? Maybe some head enlarging exercise? But I guess the iron jelqs are enuff.

Also the main question - is the ruitine good? After 10-15 days I plan on adding 5 minutes of jelqing between rotations and the “iron jelq” thingy, and 10-15 days later I’d add 8 stretches and 4 rotations etc etc. If anyone knows better newbie ruitine for lenght, I’d be much obliged ;p

Also here is my starting point for now
5,6 inch on lenght and same for the girth. I am aiming for extra 1-2 inches in lenght, it should be just fine.

Also sorry for the trouble if it causes any ;p

If your head becomes small when you are PE ‘ing then you are overdoing things . And could damage your penis.

Why not try the Newbie routine. It has been developed and well tried by PEers. And if guys have problems they are easily corrected.Rrather than having to analyse your routine for any problems

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

And I think, from your description about this “iron jelq”, that the standard jelq can be better for length. So, as petitfaun said, starting with the newbie routine is your best choice.

Good luck.

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