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Newbie Starting and a Question

Newbie Starting and a Question

Hi All,

Just started exercising using Neophytes routines.

Starting stats are BPEL - 6.5” : EG 5.8”

However I have a small problem. Whenever I do stretches I get erect and then I cannot do any more. Are there stretches you’d recommend I do when I get erect?

Doing stretches when erect can lead to injury.

If you would like to stretch without an erection, ejaculate.
This should buy you some time.

I am sure the other guys will offer
more “insightful” suggestions.

Good luck


Don’t stretch erect. Either wait until the erection subsides, or help it subside through jacking off, or do some jelqing instead (if the erection is less than 100%, mind you).

Ok heres a trick I learned from somewhere in the past and you can combine it with holding and squeezing the tip.

Just below the ball sac in between there and the anus is where the main vein supplies blood to the penis.

Take your finger and press in on this spot. You’ll eventually feel the vein/artery or ligament. It’s just below the ball sac. Press it in to
Cut back the blood flow. While you are doing these two things don’t think of anything sexual.
You should see a decrease in erection shortly after.

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