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Newbie routine

Newbie routine

Hey guys,

I have been doing PE for a couple of years now. Recently (since joining thunders) I have had a steady and formatted workout plan. I have been doing the newbie routine for the last month and noticed minimal gains but a much better EQ. I have worked up to about 1 hour of stretching per day and the same for jelqing. I was just wondering how I can adjust my routine to be maximizing my gains. Any input is great. Thanks guys.

It is quite normal to have ‘minimal gains’ in the first month of the Newbie Routine. As your dick needs time to adjust to the routine. . Your body will work against gains for a while and you have to overcome this.

I would suggest that you are overdoing things a bit with an hours stretching and jelqing. Your unit can become tired with too much exercise just as muscles can. So it might be worth a cutback for a week or two, and then continue but gradually increase the repetitions.

Hope that helps.

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