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Newbie routine + ads

Newbie routine + ads

First off, an introduction: right now im sitting at 6.25” bpel and 4.75”girth. My long term goal is 7.75” bpel and 5.5” girth, but I’ll probably work until I’m completely satisfied. Anyway, so I did a search and didnt really find anything on this so I’ll pose this question to you guys. I’ve been doing the linear newbie routine for about three weeks now. I started with 30 jelqs on two on one off and now im doing the same amount of jelqs with one thirty second stretch in five directions. I know its slow, but I’ve had such a problem with getting ahead of myself and overworking that I’m taking PE seriously for the first time and staying dedicated. My question however is, would it be ok to use an ADS after starting so soon? I’m not talking about high tension stretching, just keeping it longer than my usual flaccid. I really want to get my flaccid length up as much as i can. I don’t see how this would cause too much trouble, but I wanted to run this by you guys first and see what you think.

You can use it now but it’s maybe better to use it as later option if this doesn’t work or works slowly. Btw, 30 jelqs and five stretches? You need to do at least 5x more than that.

I agree with goin4length, your routine is slow. You should increase it gradually.

But about the ADS, I think you can use it from the start as an aid to keep the penis in longer state and prevent turtling.

Oh yeah, I know its definitely slow, but I’ve spent a couple of years PE’ing on and off and i always get too eager for gains and overwork my penis to hell. This way, worst case scenario I’m wasting time, but hopefully it will pay off in the end. I’m increasing every two weeks, so its not like im sticking to something so slow permanently. Slow and steady wins the race eh?

This routine is definitely better than overwork. If you’re comfortable with this, go with it. Good luck.

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