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Newbie questionsintroduction

Newbie questionsintroduction

Hello everyone.. I actually found this site and “jelqing” a couple years ago. I currently measure 8”x5”, but have always wanted more girth. I was doing the simple “jelq” technique a couple years ago ~22 in the shower for about 10 minutes. I only did exercises for about a month. One night I had popped a Viagra on a date. When we got home I was so hard when I dropped my pants, she said, “what the $#$# am I gonna do with that?”. It had to of been nearly 9” and ~5.5” thick. The combination of jelqing/Viagra.


Trying to focus 100% on girth, here’s my technique I am starting in 5 minutes.

5minutes warm towel.
1-2 minute stretching
~75 normal jelqs with a 50-60% erection.
4x30second ULI holds with 100% erection.
5-10 Horse Squeezes with 70-80% erection.
Shower for warmdown.

My goal in the next 6m-1yr would be 6”+ in girth. Maybe or maybe not achievable. I plan to switch things up a lot too. A week like this, maybe a week with nothing but basic jelqs, week of nothing but ULI holds, etc. Just always changing it.

Appreciate any tips/responses.

Thanks and nice to meet everyone!

Have you consider pumping, I think it may help a lot with girth. You have to be constant and have at least 30 min a day. Also consider using

L-arginine supplements instead of Viagra. Good luck

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