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Newbie needs help with Girth routine

Newbie needs help with Girth routine

Hello, I am a total newbie and know almost total sh*t about PE.

For about the weeks I have been having sex like 3 times a day and my penis has definately gotten thinner. Im actually trying to cut back on having so much sex (this is a problem I never thought I would have btw) Im trying to cut back on ejaculating to about 4-5 times a week and eventually about 2-3. I have read that this is what is healthiest from sites like www.herballove.con

Can anyone help me with a starting routine. Im mainly interested and girth right now but length is great too. I should mention that I have been taking cialis and that I have experimented with a little bit of PE but wasnt sure of what I was doing.

Start with reading the Newbie Routine then read some more. The trick here is information and then finding out what works for you best.

Just discovered the Newbe Routine, sorry to be the typical noob

Welcome to Thunders!!!

Take a lot of time and read everything twice! Good luck

Is the reason you take Cialis is so you can have sex 3 times a day? Did you suffer from ED prior to taking Cialis? How old are you?

I am 19 yrs old. Strantely, even at my age I was suffering from some form of ED/performance anxiety or stress or something but am fine now. I dont actually want to have sex 3 times a day. I mean I DO want to but after a while it starts to take a toll on my body. Im actually on day 3 of my planned 4 or 5 day “sex break” and Im feeling a little rejuvinated.

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