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Girth routine

Girth routine

I would like to know how much and how fast aprox. I can gain with a girth routine.
And would be nice if anybody can tell me an example of a girth routine and want to know if is efective without jelq, because I’m a bit worried about discoloration, I was jelqing and now I got too discoloration, stoped for 3 days and is fading a bit but I dont want to suffer it.


Jelqing and jelq variations in the form of various grips and squeezes is the foundation for most girth routines, until you decide to invest in a vacuum pump.

The thing to do with jelqing, is to start off a little more slowly and use less pressure so your cock becomes used to the exercises. As your conditioning improves, you can start using more jelq pressure and get more results. But to start off with, continue your jelq routine, but at a less intense level and perhaps a shorter period of time. About 10 minutes to begin with is plenty.

It is not my first time, I was jelqing for 1 month for 10 minutes and got a bit of discoloration,then I changed to 20 min with more intensity , but I think that is too much for my “friend” got too discoloration, so I stopped for 3 days and faded a bit , thats why I prefer not to jelq :(

How many days per week did you jelq and did you hot wrap to warm up first? Where is your discoloration? On the head or shaft? Is it more like red spots?

I still think you should be able to condition yourself to the jelqing. You just have to start slow and have patience to not go overboard. Once you are conditioned, a lot more routines are available to you. Girth routines can become a lot more intense then just the jelq, so you have to build up a tolerance for the exercise.

I jelq 2 on / 1 off and my discolouration is on the shaft and head , and I have red spots too.

Sorry, just one more question. What is your erection level when you jelq? If you are jelqing near or fully erect, perhaps that is a contributing factor, because that allows for a lot bigger pressure build up inside the shaft when you jelq.

But still, the thing is you doubled your routine to 20 minutes with more intensity and that’s when you really saw trouble, so just back it down to 10 minutes and start over. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to start again from scratch because I went overboard. It is very common and happens to just about everybody.

My erection level is approx 70%, sometimes 80% not more.

What is so bad about discoloration? I don’t think you will gain much girth if you don’t accept having some discoloration and fluid.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


I can accept “some” . I can`t accept “a lot” that`s the problem :(

I’m circumcised and the difference between the white of my scar and the black rays of the discoloration is huge.

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