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Newbie needing help

Newbie needing help

Hello, I need help.
I just bought this set of equipment (Jelq Device, Penis Master Enlargel and gel)
I thought it would have a DVD with instructions and a routine for beginners, but did not come. I’m a little lost and perhaps veterans of the forum can help me.

Regarding the penis Master:
- I use it with the penis flaccid erect or otherwise?
- What is the time required per day so I can get results without hurting myself? Can I use every day or should I take breaks?
- It is normal to feel a little pain in the pubis?
- The draw must be made within the limits of the penis or should be a little less?
- To use it I have to warm up?
- It’s bad to use it after the workout stretching and jelq?

Regarding Jelq Device:
- When I jelq, I feel the head of the penis as if it were to explode, right?
- To beginners, how much daily? I do every day or should I also take breaks?

Compared to the gel Enlargel:
- I use it during the Jelq or after?

If anyone can help me, thank you very much. I’m kinda lost and afraid of getting hurt using the equipment incorrectly.
Thanks again!

Sorry for my English, I´m from Brazil.

Interesting contraption that jelq device is. I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else has used it.

Generally speaking, if you are new to PE, then the use of a stretcher is something you should put off until you condition yourself. However I will take a shot at answering some questions for you
-Use it completely flaccid
-Going to vary depending on amount of pressure, your schedule, fatigue, etc. There isn’t a set amount of time to wear it, everyone is different
-Pain is not good. A stretch is okay, but if it hurts, stop.
-Not sure what you mean by the draw
-Most units like this are used for long periods of time, so unless you sit at a desk where you can have a space heater going on your pubic area, heat isn’t necessary. Though if you have access, heat is good.
-It is used as an ADS device generally, so not necessarily bad to use after your manual work out.

Better to be safe than sorry and get your questions answered before you hurt anything and end up having to stop PE entirely to recover.

Good luck!

2/19/2012: BPEL 7.125" MSEG 5"

7/26/2012: BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.1"

Goal 9"x6"

Tks for the help!! =D

Marinera, the Jelq device not work?! Its seems so much easy to do the exercise correctly with it. Manual jelq is better?!

I will try to follow the newbie routine found here!
Tks again!

Newbies should not use devices until the have done three months of hands only newbie routine.

Newbie routine will teach you about your penis and how it responds to PE.

You need that knowledge before attempting to use devices.

Ok, so I need to practice for ate least 3 months the newbie routine with my hands and then I can use the jelq device and the Penis Master?!

Tks Sta-kool!

Yes that is a great idea. I did newbie for 3 months and then added pumping. While I did newbie, I read pretty much everything in the pumping forum so I could learn as much as I could.

Also on the power jelqer type thing. When you get to the point where you are starting to do that, you have to be careful. Specifically regarding dorsal nerve injury if you use them horizontally on the top and bottom of your dick.

Also you need to stop your stroke an inch before the base of the head.

Here is the section from the PE manual on Jelq devices:

Jelq Sticks

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Thank you very much!! =D

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