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Newbie Need help

Newbie Need help

Hey People i am new here and i just want to know what is KELGING Exactly? and What Excercises is very effective on gaining Length?
Please Help me!!


First, read this.

This explains kegels and other PE terms.

If you are serious about PE, spend some time reading. There is a lot of good info in this forum. To start, read all the stuff in the Newbie Forum, beginning with the sticky threads at the top.

For more specific info, use the search feature (search button in the upper right).

Hi Joe, Thunder’s helps those that help themselves. Invest the time, read anything and everything, especially in the newbie section for now. Guys here will bend over backwords to help, if you are serious about it.

These threads in the newbie forum will get you started on PE,”A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises” and “A Newbie Primer”

Here is a good (technical) thread to get you started on kegals. If it is a little overwhelming do a search for “Kegals” and read, read, read.
Locating the bc muscle

And please read the forum guidlines so you don’t catch crap for lack of using a shift key on those “i”s.

Thanks and welcome.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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