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Newbie Length Tips

Newbie Length Tips

Just started back PE and I am extremely motivated. I measured yesterday at 6.5” BPEL and 5.25” BEG/ 5.125” MSEG. I’m fairly happy with my girth but I want to. Really focus on length. I have a slight upward curve that begins a half in or so behind my glans and it just makes my dick look shorter! So I would love to add some extra length and focus on that primarily. If anyone has some tips to modify the newbie routine to focus on length I would appreciate it.

This morning was my first PE session for a while. I modified the newbie routine slightly to enhance length work. First I warmed up then I stretched for 10 mins total, 5 of those mins I held up, down, left, right, and straight out for a min each. The next 5 mins I stretched over a fulcrum. I started at the base and divided my dick into 5 stretching points from base to glans and held a 1 min stretch at each point. It felt great and I got a great stretch. Then I finished up with jelqs, but basically I’m wondering is this a good routine for now? Too much or could I add some more length exercises? Any experience any advice would be awesome!

That sounds pretty good. Do it for 2 months at least, stay consistent. It looks like you gained about 0.375” length back between Oct - Dec 2012 and now you have lost that after a few months off? If so, then you will probably gain that length back pretty quick. Then you just gotta stay consistent to keep it. Who knows maybe it will continue to yield gains past that too. After a couple months you could look into ADS, extenders, or hanging if you want to add more length work. I started hanging a month and a half ago, after 6 months of the newbie routine, and it’s working great for me.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Ya I guess I did. Like I said I have an upward curve and it can be tricky to measure with the tape while trying to get BPEL. I’m going to measure again tonight just to make sure I got an accurate reading before I get too far into this routine. I think in about a month I will increase the time spent stretching and intensity. I definitely want to give hanging or an ADS a try. I like all the gadgets I guess. I will stick to this routine or something very similar until I plateau, then give some thought into trying something different. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it!

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