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Special Case: "Small" Newbie Needs Tips

Special Case: "Small" Newbie Needs Tips

Hi, I had registered for these forums a couple years back but found that I did not have enough time to read the forums as I was busy with school. I have a full scholarship to a fairly prestigious university now; however, since high school, I have found there have been various moments when women have taken a strong interest in me but I could not reciprocate the interest as I have had a deep insecurity of my penis size. Ever since I got into university nothing has changed regarding my relationship with women. Women have expressed interest in me, but I always pull back. I have no experience with women in the past whatsoever and would like to increase my length and girth so that I can reciprocate the interest without the insecurity of my size.

I have searched the forums and have found it difficult to find information regarding my case.

- I am 4 inches long in length (pressed the ruler towards my bone)
- Girth I’m no too sure, but I am confident to say it is not big. 4.5 inches at most.
- I am currently 20 years old, and am about 5’5 in height and probably weigh around 180 pounds (not all fat, a decent amount of it is actually muscle).
- I should also mention that I do not work out as often as I used to. I only do cardio now but that’s probably 1-2 times a week.

I have done a lot of reading (but there are way too many posts to read so I have not even come close to finishing) and I intended to start off with “Newbie Routine” by luvdadus.

The Newbie Routine

5 minutes hot wrap
5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 minutes hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule:2 days ON / 1 day REST.

My main question with this plan is how exactly is the hot wrap supposed to be? Is there any other ways to reduce the amount of time per session and have it still be effective? If this is an outdated guide/method I’d love it if someone could link me to something that could be more useful.

I was thinking of starting off with wet jelqs, but I figured that it would be difficult to apply the blood pressure downwards due to the length of my penis. And then I realized the same could be said about dry jelqing. So what I want to know is, what tips would you guys give me to become most efficient in my gains? I especially want to hear from those who were in a similar case as I and what your experiences were with wet jelqing and dry jelqing.

Other advice I’d like to know about are the types of diets I should undergo, whether I should change my masturbation habits, and what other PE methods I should use to increase my gains for both length and girth.

If any veterans have any advice on what I could include in my PE journey that’d be great.

Thanks for the help guys.

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Instead than the hot wrap, you could use an IR lamp. If you really are short on time, you can jump the warm up - but just as last resort.

Can’t get your problem with jelqs honestly.

No special diet or supplement to maximize gains.

The newbie routine, with the adjustments needed case by case, still is the backbone of PE, according to many vets.

The best tip I could give you is to make sure that you at least trim at the base of your shaft so that you can jelq efficiently for the full length of your shaft. Hair at the base is something that you don’t want to have to work around as you’re trying to keep jelqing smoothly.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

This is also a very good newbie routine:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

It is similar to what I did when I started.

In terms of time management, I split my workouts in two. I would stretch in the morning, and jelq in the evening.

I would avoid dry jelqs for a while since you are a newbie, they are pretty intense. Best to do wet jelqs for the time being.

Hot wraps - you want to warm your tissues, not burn your dick. Test the wrap on your wrist first, is it too hot? Then let it cool


Originally Posted by Anomaly
Women have expressed interest in me, but I always pull back. I have no experience with women in the past whatsoever and would like to increase my length and girth so that I can reciprocate the interest without the insecurity of my size.

Don’t miss out on life while waiting to meet your PE goals. As to your current penis size, I think your girth is in the average range so that it good. The first newbie gains you will see are with length as you get your ligaments loosened up with stretching. In the meantime, we also know that the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first couple of inches. Yes there are sensitive areas deeper, but those first few inches are packed with nerve endings.

We also know that if you are passionate, enthusiastic, and can give great head you have won 90% of the battle.

Take a look at this thread when you get a chance:

Young Guys - SiZE ANXIETY is DUMB

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Hey there,

I thought I’d reply to your thread as I am in a similar case to yours. I’m 22, 165cm (5’5) tall, 70kg (150 pounds roughly), athletically built and uncircumsised. I also attend university. Bone pressed my penis probably averages at 4.5 inches and my girth is probably only around 4.5” as well (last time I measured).

Firstly, I just want to say that I know how you feel about not being able to reciprocate feelings for women due to the insecurity of your penis size. When I was younger I was always afraid of getting into a relationship with a girl or hooking up with girls because I was afraid that things would go too far and that they would mock me for my penis size. Then one day I decided to stop caring and I started having one night stands. My penis size wasn’t an issue at all (at first I was worried about the condom slipping off but I had purchased smaller sized condoms so they worked fine). While the girls did not seem that impressed when they first saw my penis, they did enjoy themselves.

After a few one night stands I went into a massive drought: I went two whole years without sex. This was mostly because I believed I could not give girls what they wanted unless I had a bigger penis. This was a vicious mental cycle that stopped me from getting with girls and eventually I just stopped trying.

Then one day (roughly two years ago now) a girl pursued me. No matter how stand-off-ish or uninterested I seemed, she still pursued me. Eventually I caved and we had sex. She giggled when she first saw my penis as I wasn’t erect and this was a bit of a confidence killer. I couldn’t get hard the entire time because I was constantly thinking about why she giggled when I took my pants off, so for the entire night I fingered her and licked her out. We caught up again a couple of days later and I was able to get hard the second time as I was much more confident (due to the fact that she still wanted to see me again). I have now been in a relationship with this girl for almost two years and our sex life is stellar. She has been with a number of guys (apparently less than 10 though) and though she won’t directly answer the question, I assume I am the smallest she has been with. However, size isn’t everything. One of the reasons we are still together is due to the fact that we have such an amazing sex life. I’ve been the only person to give her multiple orgasms and make her squirt (just the one time), this proves that it’s not the size but how you use it.

I cannot stress enough that size is not as important as technique. Sure a bigger penis might make things easier but most of the time a girl will take a guy with a small dick that can make her orgasm over a guy with a large dick that can’t any day. The benefits of having a smaller penis is that guys with a smaller penis will often try harder to please the girl due to their own insecurities of being able to pleasure the girl. We’ll often fuck for longer and make sure she cums before we do.

The reason I am telling you all of this is that a majority of sex is a mental game. It’s all about having the confidence that you can perform in bed and not worrying about the size of your tool. Sex is such a great part of life and you shouldn’t shy away from it because you are afraid you will be mocked for your penis size. My advice for your first time would probably be to sleep with somebody nice, somebody that wouldn’t go blabbing about your penis size to everyone in the world. Also, try to get an erection before you take off your pants so that the girl you’re with will see the best of you!

In regards to PE, I have only pe’d for a very short amount of time. There was a period where I did the newbie routine for 2 months straight and I saw some newbie gains (4.5 to 4.8 inches bone pressed and girth gains that I could feel with my hands - I didn’t measure at the time sorry). I have since stopped though as I do not have the time or the privacy to continue with pe. There was a definite improvement in erection quality (I was very proud of how my penis looked when I pe’d).

I too was worried about dry jelqs due to my size but it is definitely something you shouldn’t worry about. Jelqing is easy, but maybe I was doing it wrong?

Recently, I have purchased a cheap $2 rubber cock ring and it makes my penis ENGORGE! I have been using it when I masturbate and I find that the day after, my erection quality is still amazing, sometimes hitting 5 inches! It also makes the head of my penis much larger and my shaft is much thicker. My girlfriend actually commented on my penis size the day after I had masturbated with my cock ring. She said it looked bigger which gave me a bit of a rush. If I don’t use it for a while my penis goes back to it’s normal size (between 4 to 4.5 inches bone pressed). Perhaps a rubber cock ring is something you could invest in to gain some confidence with your penis size?

Sorry for the long post but I thought I’d tell you as much as I could about sex and pe.

So in summary:
1: FOCUS ON SEX TIPS AND TRICKS! Just because you have a small penis doesn’t mean you can’t pleasure a girl! You can actually do better than guys with bigger penises! Learn how to give good oral, fingering and focus on your movements during sex!! Learn about different positions that are good for guys with smaller penises.
2: Your penis is just one part of your body, STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE SIZE OF IT. If a girl likes you, she WILL like you for more reasons than your penis. Things will work out! Not every girl wants a big penis.
3: PE works, but it does take a long time (years in some cases). You are better off accepting who you are and making the BEST OF IT - refer to point 1. The temporary gains I got probably were just a result of better erection quality. My penis ranges from 4” to 5” in length (a massive variance) depending on the erection quality. A cock ring might help you see your penis at it’s FULL size, be careful not to use it for too long though as you might cause an injury.
4: KEGELS ARE GOOD FOR YOU, they help you last longer by controlling your orgasm and they improve erection quality.

Yeah nice post, Kok89.

Fantastic post Kok89.

The only thing I could add is to work on getting your fat pad as thin as possible. I’m working on mine now.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

Agree about kok89’s post. Great advice in there and welcome to Thunders!

But did you ever ask her why she giggled :D

Just nodding my head and agreeing with the rest, and sta-kools thread on how dumb size anxiety is, is a gem, read it and take it to heart life really is to short to miss out on the goodies in life.

No matter what source of heat you use; it should be at least 10 minutes warm-up.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their helpful post, especially kok89.

I just hope other people who see this thread and are in a similar situation will take something valuable from it. :P

Don’t give way to size and anxiety you guys are young, you have your whole life ahead of you and if girls look at you is because of other things as well not just your penis size.

Just do it what whatever you got and keep on PE until you’ll get what you want in sex and in life.

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