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Newbie here

Newbie here

So obviously I am new to PE. I have tried other types of PE, not from this site but, have so far found this forum to be the most in-depth with questions and answers. I have had minimal gains here and there, but I have also not been consistent. I am curious if anyone could tell me what the best starter routine would be, that includes warm-up/stretching/jelqing/and kegels. I have read a lot about kegels and I am still not sure how to properly do them. So if anyone could give me advice that would be great. Also I am still new to some of the PE terminology, so go easy, haha.

Try the search button. Works great!

This one is on me!

Good luck

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Yea, I have tried the search button. I have just received so many different ideas. Was wondering if there was a general agreement on a good choice to start. Thanks for that one though gain, I’ll look into it.

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