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Newbie help

Newbie help

Hey guys I’m new here starting to get into PE being working for about 2 weeks now. My routine is all done in the shower takes about 20 mins to do. I start with about 5-10 mins of streching. Basic stretches, no fulcrum stretches or anything. I do stretch alot upward though. I then jelq for about 100 strokes nice and slow 3-5 sec each stroke. I then do some JAI stretches 2 sets of 10 then I’m done. I do kegels at various times sometimes in class, sometimes in front of my computer. I been doing 2on/1 off but, I get some soreness like I was at the gym but nothing to bad and nothing that is never gone in less than 24 hours. I’m getting less erections (it maybe from alot of school, I’m in med school and we have exams and finals coming up) but when I have an erection it’s real hard and my dick feels fuller than usual. I havent measured yet but I will in about 2 weeks. I started at 5.2 EL and 4.4 EG. My goal is to get to 7 EL and 5.5 EG. Any suggestions would be really appreciated thanks.


Go slow, use heat and read alot (for the exams, I mean).

regards, mgus

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Make sure you don’t push it. The reason why your getting less erections maybe because because your over training. Only you would know. Just be careful

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Thats what I thought about less erections but I’ve been really stressed and only getting like 4 hours sleep a night due to school. I figured since my erections were really hard and good was a good sign. Actually I’ve been getting hard alot today after I wrote ths post this afternoon. But as far as my routine goes, any suggestions. My dick just feels and looks fuller noticeably when hard.

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