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Newbie Help

Newbie Help

Ok first off I’m doing the “NEW newbie routine” as follows:

Warm up in shower, do 30 wet jelqs, warm down

So far on day 3 and def notice a plumper flaccid, so already I’m pretty happy.
My questions are concerning technique:

1: You slide one hand up, then you stop at glands, is it ok to take this 1st hand off then apply the 2ND grip? I’ve seen both this and people who say to start the 2ND grip while the 1st hand is still on. Problem is I’m uncut, so I can’t do this without grabbing high on my foreskin. So I do one stroke, release, pull the skin down then start the following stroke from the base. Is this ok? If not what are my options as an uncut guy?

2: How hard a grip are you using? I’ve seen no really definitive answer on this so far, I tried a lighter grip and noticed that my veins got very large but no real pump. Tried jelqs with a harder grip and got more of a pump, I do not want to over do it though, so is it better to stick with a lighter grip?

3: Thanks for any help, this is a great forum with a lot of friendly and knowable people, glad I found it.

And just for fun, my starting stats: 5.75 x 4.75 nbp
Goal: 6.5 x 5.5

Hi shinx143 And welcome to the Forum.

Whilst the ‘dual grip’ is the more useful as it keeps the penis stretched. It is quite OK to use just one hand and hold the foreskin at the base.

While a continuous ‘stretch is better . There is no reason why you have to do it.

Having said that it might be worth making a more continuous-like stretch . Assuming you have just jelqed with your right hand, whilst holding the foreskin back with the left hand, at the end of the stroke move the R hand smartly to the rear of your left hand grip the base of the penis and jelq with the left hand.

You can make a continuous movement that way.

The idea is not to grip too hard. just use a firm grip which lets your hand slide over the lubricant with a reasonably firm pull It is not good to pull too hard as you will get water blisters and other nasties like a cold semi hard dick. Just a nice firm feeling is quite OK
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the help, so part of the jelq movement is stretching as well? In other words I use the 1st hand to keep it stretched while the 2ND follows? I had no idea, I’ll give it a shot.

While I’m here though, how quickly should the 2ND stroke happen? I do it right after the 1st obviously, but should it be more of a continuous flow? As in a constant jelqing between the two hands? I ask because I do take that 1/2 second or so to get my foreskin back before I start the following stroke, is that ok?

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