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Injury and Erection questions for newbie routine

Injury and Erection questions for newbie routine

Hey, I just did the newbie routine for the first time today. I was curious about two things.

1. Apparently when stretching and jelqing I should avoid the dorsal vein? Are their any other veins or injury-preventive measures I have to take? I really don’t’ want to end up hurting myself.

2. During jelqing, I was finding it INCREDIBLY hard to stay soft. Every 5-10 jelqs my 60-70% erection would develop into a full hard on, so I’d have to pause and wait for it to go down a little. Anyways, I did this SO much, that after I finished my 200 jelqs and finished the routine, I found it extremely difficult to get an erection. Is this normal or what? Later on I got one and I masturbated, just to make sure I still could.

Thanks a lot for your help guys and I appreciate it a lot!

Hi rofflesaurus,

The point of avoiding pressure on the upper side of the penis is to avoid the dorsal nerve. There is also a nerve bundle right behind the head on the upper side of the shaft, so you should stop your jelq about one inch behind the head.

To prevent injury, you should also start your jelquing lightly until you get used to this technique - and closely monitor your PI’s (physical indicators: e.g. Better erection quality, more morning wood, etc.)

It’s normal that you can’t stay soft when you start jelquing. It’s very important to stop, when you get too hard. But you’ll get used to the new sensation and then you won’t get too hard too soon. When you find it difficult to get an erection after your workout, your jelquing might have been too intense. Don’t jelq too hard in the beginning and you should be on the safe side.

I hope this helps you a little and good luck with your PEing.

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