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Newbie - 2" gain, rare or common

Originally Posted by Bird2

Yeah, sucked out of his thumb.

Sorry I’m not English. What does it mean?

Modest for our needs.

She’s not been around a great deal considering we were older when we got together. I was #16 and have the 2nd smallest penis she’s ever had. She thinks that “average” or “normal” is about 7”. She didn’t come up with this number but did tell me that most of them were about 1/2 inch longer and 1/2” girth more than I am now. When we play with toys (yeah, I do whatever it takes to please my woman) she likes the realistic feel 8”x7” vibrator, she also likes my hand up to just past my knuckles where the fingers meet the actual hand. So, yeah I call it modest and have a ways to go.

Yeah doing it from behind. That’s something that has really improved. It was always good for me before but she didn’t feel anything. Now it’s good for us both.

Don’t expect miracles. I got really lucky. I also believe that I was shorter than I was meant to be because of adhesions or something from a surgery I had on it as a child. I think the pumping and sort of clamping I did at first, along with the manual stretches, later on the capn’s wench stretches, and the hanging broke these loose, allowing it to quickly go to it’s “natural size”. I also think this is why girth has been so much slower to come. Do I have any medical evidence to back up this theory? No I don’t. But I simply can’t think of any other rational explanation for geting 2+ years of gains in a short time.

Either way - miracle, drugs, adhesion loosening, pure luck, I don’t give a shit. I’ll take it. :)

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie

Thanks modesto! Just to clarify, does the blue dot mark the last know measurement and/or the time the person finished pe?

Each blue dot represents one person. The length gain (or girth gain, depending on which graph you’re looking at) represents the difference between that person’s first measurement entry in the PE database and that person’s last entry in the database.

The data could be off if people stop reporting their results, or if they fail to record their best results and only record again after they lose size.

This is why it’s so important to record your measurements often in the database.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie
P.s. If your wife is so hung up on girth, why not just fist her? Not many guys in the world could match that girth.

I’ll never match it but am going to try. Our playtime includes pretty much anything that we can do to each other to make the other one feel good. Re: fisting, no closed hand, fingers tickling the bottom while the thick part is just inside the vaginal opening. Why not do it every time? Because she cums from it in only seconds after proper foreplay. We kind of like doing things for a bit longer and I don’t go that far until she asks for it. Something that we found accidentally. I was fingering and licking and kept getting a little deeper and putting in a bit more as she responded very favorably to it. When I got that far and she went off from it we had to stop because it was too intense and she wanted to cool off a bit. Then she said “what the hell did you do to me and can you do it again?” But honestly, it’s too intense to do all the time. Kind of like one guy she dated before me. Probably a 9x7+ or more. She said it felt great for a few minutes, she would always get off quickly, then it was just painful after that.

Yeah, we talk about some weird shit. But if we weren’t totally honest and open we wouldn’t have the kind of sex life we have. Hell, we wouldn’t have the kind of life we have.

Don’t want to be rude but that’s kind of a head trip she’s running on you. If she expects 7” girth you’d practically be a circus freak! You’d be in the top 1 percentile if not less. Perhaps you need to get her to read this and ease up on you a little.


As for me, I’m afraid that link makes for depressing reading.

Naah, not a head trip. We’ve been together far too long for that. Simple honesty is what it is. We tell each other what we want and try to give it to each other. She actually would be happy if I didn’t do PE at all. Never said a word about wanting more until we stumbled across it doing PH stuff. Was quite happy with fingers, tongue, and occasional toys. When she saw we could make more, she said, “lets go for it” and we work together on it. If at sometime I want to quit, she’s fine with that too. I’ve still got fingers, tongue, and toys you know. She works on VT too, now that we know it’s also possible.

OK, in that case I wish you both well. Hopefully I can have some of your success with pe and feel better about getting closer to my current girl too.

Many thanks for the data modesto. Interesting how for most it’s a fairly short term thing. I must admit I’m only prepared to devote two years tops to this myself; depending on results of course! To be honest right now absolutely any gain, plus getting rid of my failing wood is gonna be most welcome.

Most guys get most of their gains in the beginning, but there are exceptions. Many guys can continue to rack up gains even after years of PE, although gains do come at a slower rate than they did at the beginning.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

As far as gaining two inches while only using the newbie routine.that is very rare I’m sure. I’ve gained 1.6” in two months. I ain’t complaining, but as far as most people on this forum are concerned, it’s a blessing to get even an inch in quick gains.

So just stick to it man, you never know how your dick will react :D

Good luck to ya,


Now these gains of an inch and what not is that with the newbie routine? And are there side effects of the routine? Like can’t you damage something doing that?

I’m working on my third inch.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

ERambone - 1.6” in two months is amazing! Did you just use the newbie routine?

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Here is some data from the PE database on this subject. There are lots of graphs in this thread, which provide good summaries of PE results.

From the graph of length gains versus time, you can see that there are many people in the 2”+ category, but the percentage of guys reaching this level is fairly low. Most guys gain about 3/4 to” 1”.

The data for that thread is about 2 years old.

Great! Thanks.

That was one of the most interesting threads I’ve read since I joined.

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Originally Posted by =topper=
Sorry I’m not English. What does it mean?

That he made it up.


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