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Newbie - 2" gain, rare or common

It took me just over a year to gain 1.4” BPEL. But trust me, that was with complete dedication and very little missed days.

Start (Aug.05): 6.6 BPEL x 4.375" EG

Now (Feb.2011): 8.6" BPEL x 6.0" EG...

Gains: 2.0" EL x 1.625" EG Way more than doubled my erect volume! PE for life. Anything is possible!

Braindrain - do you feel those gains are cemented? Was your routine similar to the newbie one, and if not where did most of your gains come from?

Originally Posted by latency

Who have gained 4”?

I read that Bib gained over 4 inches.

doublelongdaddy gained almost 6 inches, if I’m not wrong.

Originally Posted by aom91
I read that Bib gained over 4 inches.

Yguy too.

Originally Posted by =topper=
doublelongdaddy gained almost 6 inches, if I’m not wrong.

Yeah, sucked out of his thumb.

Have to admit, reading their accounts I’m sceptical of those three guys. None are documented as far as I can see; with pics start to finish, plus in Bib’s case he had a product to sell. They have all dropped off the boards haven’t they?

Here is some data from the PE database on this subject. There are lots of graphs in this thread, which provide good summaries of PE results.

From the graph of length gains versus time, you can see that there are many people in the 2”+ category, but the percentage of guys reaching this level is fairly low. Most guys gain about 3/4 to” 1”.

The data for that thread is about 2 years old.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie
Thanks guys. How long did it take you to get those 2” littlehobo?

An impossibly seeming short time. If I tell you, you’ll think I’m lying. So it comes with a disclaimer first. I can’t give a completely truthful answer. Just that I used to be 4.5 inches and am now over 6.5 inches. How do I know it was only 4.5 inches? Because I commented about having such a small dick once and bet that it probably wasn’t more than 4” long. My wife said no way, got the ruler, and guess what, I was wrong…it was almost 4.5” long.

Many months of penis health exercises due to impotency, pumping, trying to jelq, stretching, very tight cock ring use to hold engorgement after pumping.

Only a couple of months of dedicated PE once I saw and my wife felt that the penis health work was making me bigger, I got curious about PE and found Thunder’s place.

Since those initial months when we decided to measure, I’ve only been getting small gains. But you know what? I’m happy and so is she.

Thanks modesto! Just to clarify, does the blue dot mark the last know measurement and/or the time the person finished pe?

Cheers hobo. I’m starting out from being smaller than you (4x5.25). I don’t care about girth too much, I’d just get 1.5-2” in length so I could feel that I was at least more in the range of average - ie. Acceptably normal.

Please could you tell me what you feel brought the best gains in the shortest time?

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie

Please could you tell me what you feel brought the best gains in the shortest time?

For me it was pumping and using a very tight cockring, a silicone one that I could stretch and double up to make it tight. In effect doing “behind the balls” and “at the base clamping.” I’m getting better expansion now with normal clamping, but as I said, the gains have really slowed. But since I don’t want more than another 1/2 inch in length I don’t care. Girth, I’m going to take all I can get. Why? Because she really, really likes girth.

There is a trade off even with the in reality, still modest penis that I have. I can bottom out now and when I move it around inside her can feel the glans bumping and sliding over every part of the deepest recesses. But now instead of getting oral sex where she can take the whole thing in her mouth - now she can’t. There is nothing better than having the entire penis in your lady’s mouth and her tongue working on the scrotum at the same time. That, as far as I can tell was the only advantage to having a very small penis. But, being able to make her cum from a vaginal orgasm with only my penis now without resorting to all my other tricks is pretty cool and her pleasure means more to me than my own. No teeth scraping yet and if that happens, dentures is always an option :) . Actually since we will grow very old together (or at least that’s the plan) I do have something to look forward to.

Dude, you do not now have a modest penis! You’re now above decently ABOVE average according to a lot of more recent reports. I think that kinsey one has been freaking guys out for years. I’d kill for what you have got now, hell even an inch less. For me the main problem in being so small is not being able to do certain positions I’d like to (like spooning), plus the worry that I’m only just capable fully hard, a thought which then causes me to lose wood : ( Congrats on your gains, I hope to get somewhere along the road you’ve gone down!

P.s. If your wife is so hung up on girth, why not just fist her? Not many guys in the world could match that girth.


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