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Newbie - 2" gain, rare or common


Newbie - 2" gain, rare or common

How rare is a cemented gain of 2”? I’ve spent a couple of days reading here, and apart from the “stars” here, some of who’s stories I find pretty hard to believe, 2” or more seems very rare. Am I wrong here?

Well I know guys who did 6cm that’s more then 2” so think again, it is rare but not impossible.

I see.and how about 1.5”? More readily achievable?

By the way, how long did those guys take to get there? Do you know if those gains are cemented?

It’s different for everyone oobie, so just start with the newbie routine, keep at it and you’ll get there.

I got two inches very quickly. Girth has been much slower. After the initial gains, length gains got very slow. On the order of 1/16-1/8 inch/month. Probably less now.

Cemented? I don’t know. I took a couple of weeks off and lost a bit of new girth but but no length. After our workout last night (yeah, I said “our”, she’s my PE partner) I was the biggest ever, even after the clamps came off and actually filled her up for the first time. Well, the fullest I’ve ever gotten her anyways. How full can a 5” girth midshaft and 6” girth at the base make a woman who can take 7+ in girth?

Also, it seems difficult to interpret the data in the Wiki graph, as there is no numerical data given.

Thanks guys. How long did it take you to get those 2” littlehobo?

Anything is achievable if you put enough effort (well not ALL things ;) ) But 2” is gain-able and even 3 to 4”. I am currently approaching the 1.5” gained mark. Girth is VERY, VERY slowly approaching the 1” gained mark. Just keep at it and before you know it, you will have the ruler measuring your penis in utter shock and disbelief in that your penis has grown the amount it has ;)

How long would it take to get an 1” to 1.5” increase in length and a .5 to .7 increase in girth? Could the newbie routine do this for me? It’s all I really want. And how long to cement those gains? And are there alot of risk factors with the newbie routine?

Yeah, if I could get to that too I’d be really pleased too qwerty12345. Can anyone give a ball-park figure for those kind of gains?

Okish6er how long did you take to get that 1.5”? Was that mostly just stretches an jelqs?

This post just makes me further believe that average is the real deal. The truth. In other words the average guy will not even gain 1” I bet, which makes me appreciate that most girls will have slept with lots of average sized guys.

I know this reply is way off topic but it’s an interesting perspective on the question.

Bottom line is that there is no way to know what you will gain. No way no matter what you or anyone else thinks. I am as sure of that as being sure I will die one day and pay taxes the days I am alive.

Not many people at all are lucky to enough to able to gain 2 inches. Basically, it would be an amazing thing if it did happen. But it has happened for some. It would take 1 or 2 years, though.

The general notion that I’ve picked up from reading around the forums is that on average, a dedicated and consistent PE enthusiast that uses the newbie routine for 3 months generally will gain around 0.5”. Is that accurate, do you guys reckon? Then probably would gain 0.4” more for going another 4 months with a new routine that is a bit more revved up.

But basically, as baywatch pointed out, there is no way to tell if you will gain or not. Some people gain. Some people work hard and don’t. Nobody seems to really have an answer. But one thing is for sure, you won’t gain if you’re not consistent and dedicated.

Originally Posted by oobiedoobie
Also, it seems difficult to interpret the data in the Wiki graph, as there is no numerical data given.

I was thinking that. I pretty much don’t understand the graph at all. Can anyone help me with that?

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Originally Posted by Okish6er
But 2” is gain-able and even 3 to 4”.

Who have gained 4”?

I have read about it. And some people in these forums talked about people they know who gained 4”, although this is rare.

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