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New To PE


New To PE

Hi. I am new to PE, real new, and new to this board. I have several questions. 1st of all, does this really work? Cause i’ve read in magazines and such that it doesn’t, which I hope it does. 2nd, can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do starting out? My measurements are 5” erect length, and 4.5” erect girth, and flaccid they’re 3” length by 4” girth. My goal is to eventually be 8”-8.5” long by 6.5” girth. Is that unreasonable? Is that possible? If not, would 7”l by 6”g be possible? Also I am pretty overweight and heard that for every 30lbs lost 1” is gained back to adipose tissue being lost around the pubic area. I am about 100lbs overweight, so if that’s true, will losing weight help me reach my 8.5”x6.5” goals? Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


No, this doesn't work.

The magazines are right. Which ones did you read? Cosmopolitan? Teenage lifestyles? Women’s weekly?

Actually, this forum is a scam, we all waste months and years and them some on this free forum to trick the naive guys. Don’t read any more threads. All the gains guys talk about are false, it’s impossible to increase the size of your dick. just ask any doc…he’ll tell you. ;)

We get a kick out of writing this BS for…..hell, I don’t know what for.

So I repeat. Stop reading the posts on this forum. Then you will be safe. You won’t read how many guys have gained, you won’t read about the hundreds of different methods used by the members here. You won’t read how IT IS POSSIBLE.

And then you can go back to reading your magazines. :blue:



Ya… my 1 1/2” length gains and my 1/2” girth gains are all in my head. I thought it was to good to be true, now only if I could convince Henry that he is not bigger then every thing will be fine again.



haha okay okay okay. I apologize. I am a skeptic i’ll admit. Actually the Magazine was….Musclemag International….though I do also question a magazine that has guys pumped full of steroids in articles detailing their “supplement” routines. :)

Anyways any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. And also, are my goals unreasonable?

Ok, well its best for you to read allot of post and get an idea of whats going on and how to do it. Do a search for beginners or starting out and you will find many post on the topic.

Here is where you sould start your reading…

Penis Enlargement Glossary

It will help you understand the jargon that you will read. After reading that and the post on this board and you still need help, ask ok!


Hey lilsquirt,

Welcome aboard! Do some reading here in the Newbie Forum and then read the FAQ stuff and I think you will find answers to all of your questions (well most anyway) and then some. If something is still puzzling you or you can not find what you are looking for, then post here. The more you help yourself to learn what PE is about, the better off you will be. Best of luck to you!

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Hey thanks guys. I really appreciate you helping me out. I’ll run through everything tonight after I get off work and design my own routine. Also, is 3” length and 2.5” girth an unreasonable goal? I’m just curious. Anyways thank ya kindly and i’ll keep ya updated and ask when I need to :)



At least he posted in the right forum, eh guys?

Make sure as others have said that you do lots of research. First. Then start asking questions. We all start at the same place.

As to the goals, those are very lofty. Not saying they can’t be obtained, but you’d be in a high percentile for even PE’ers with success. Why not shoot for that 7 x 6 and *then* once you’re there you can decide if you want to try for more? You need some mid-range goals, dude. They keep you pumped up.


Thanks again. Yeah that’s what I planned on doing. Example: 6”x5.5”, 6.5”x6”, ect and see if I eventually reach them big numbers, and if not, hey, at least maybe i’ll have something bigger then I got :)

You're in the right place

Hi Squirt:

No, Guiri’s not an asshole, you just didn’t know Spaniards had a sense of humor. In fact, you’ll find many of us are sarcastic smart asses, but you’ll not find a better bunch of guys for the help you’re seeking, but they’re gonna rag on you a bit in the process.

I, too, am new to this - started April 1. You need to go thru all the threads (use the searches) and learn as much as you can. The one thing these guys DON’T like is answering questions from us new guys that they’ve been answering endlessly for the past 2 years. So a lot of this is self help. Start off with a program of jelqing, manual stretches and kegals. Then start moving up. Don’t start of with squeezes and Ulis and for God’s sake, listen to your penis. I know we men think our brain’s are in our dick’s but in this instance, it’s true.

I think you’ll also find that you will want to incorprate either hanging or pumping as you progress, but I don’t think anyone does both, so if you chose hanging, go to the hanging site and read Bigger and Lil1’s stuff. If it’s pumping you want, go to the pumping site and read Avocet’s stuff.

But remember, these guys have been at this for a couple years, so you need to be focused, consistent and goal-oriented.

But mostly, Squirt, dump those hundred pounds,. Yes, your cock will look bigger when you do, but thats’ the least of your problems - it’s just not in the least bit healthy. My wife is an attorney and deals with the medical industry. It’s just amazing to her to see the number of overweight people who develop diabetes along the way. So, getting a bigger dick can be you catalyst for you to lose weight, but if you’re find you’re not making gains, or you lose interest in PEing, continue to knock off the weight.

Instead of reading muscleman-type publications, subscribe to something like Men’s Health - and my very best wishes to you in your trek.


And NO $HIT, Lil'Squirt -

Lose that weight!

Consider this a total support group for both your PE endeavors and your weightloss journey. Which is one you must complete, believe me.

We will be concerned with your entire health here now that we know the situation. It’s a pretty close group for an online group of anonymous penis-pullers. I say that with pride, baby!

Now go hit the Health section here and at PE Forums. And take that weightloss thing slow and steady, not fast and futile. I lost 15 pounds in less than three months to get back down to 167! And I plan to keep it that way now.

Now move yer ass, penis soldier!!


Hey thanks. Yeah i’ve been going through the entire site, taking notes, ect in order to devise a program for myself. As for the weight, I been working on losing it. I’m somewhat conditioned from Construction work, but i’ve had to cut my hours and balooned from 250lbs-260lbs up to 290lbs. And at 5’9”, thats too much to carry on my frame. Bodyfat testing says i’m 95lbs overweight at 290lbs. So i’ll be creating a workout and nutrition program over the weekend as well. My goal in that aspect is to drop the fat while adding muscle in the next year. Not just for a longer looking unit, but to help me get more ladies :)

Anyways, thank you guys for your help and support. I really appreciate it.


Hmmm, I will say that I did send a PM to lilsquirt right after posting my answer, so he knew it wasn’t a malicious response…maybe I can be a little sarcastic at times but I did welcome him aboard.


We know, bud. All newbies who post like that need a slap here and there to get into the groove. Squirt knows it and he’s groovin’. Good intentions: credited.

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