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New To PE



Buster said it well, we penis pullers are a close bunch - from the responses you’re getting I hope you can sense that. You mentioned you’d be putting together a weight loss oprogram for yourself this weekend. Go to the Men’s Health website. They can actually put a program together for you. Maybe some guys on this site can help you out. I’m very fortunate in that I have great metabolism, eat like a linebacker @ 10:00 at nite, don’t do any exercise other than PE and have 34” waist, which is 2” more than when I was 20 (I’m 57 now).

Squirt, if you need someone to fall back on to help you thru this, you’re at the right place.


I hear ya

I hear ya guys. Yeah he sent me a PM, I could tell he was sarcastic anyways :) Onto diet, I could use my toothbrush-to-the-throat program I used for High School Wrestling, j/k. I aint that stupid no more. Rock on guys



have you heard of the KETO diet?


Yeah I have. Never tried it though. I’ll figure me adiet out this weekend, and an exersize program.

LOL ‘Zactly my man, best kinda diet there is, Chinese and pizza! Haha


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