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New to PE, are my goals reasonable

New to PE, are my goals reasonable

Been tooling around (pun intended) these forums for a month or so and am ready to dive in to PE. My starting stats and goals are in my signature. Do my goals look reasonable?

Also how hard should I be pulling with those manual stretches? And, whoever invented that rice sock is a genius.

Thanks for the great information and forum. It’s amazing what communication and great people can make happen.



Definitely possible! All you need is hard work and patience. Good luck on the journey ahead.

Wow, mags, I’d just be happy to end up where you started from.


Thanks, I realize that some people are blessed more than others, and I don’t take that for granted. Frankly, I’m glad I worked for my size now as opposed to just being born with it. My penis is healthier, and I have a sense of achievement. I also have made some really great friends here.

You’ve got great girth, deepdowntruth. You should consider working on length and girth separately. And I’d certainly suggest length first, as it’s easier to gain and you seem to need it more. As the guys have said, your goals are certainly attainable. Good luck on your quest for a massive unit. It will come (pun intended), and when it does.. *Drum roll* You’ll love yourself for putting forth the effort necessary. Good luck and take care of yourself.


Christ, you guys are supportive. :-P

I’m primarily going for length. It’s been time and time again that when a girl compliments my unit, she says “I love your width”. I need some different compliments now. I hope this works for me and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress. I’ve started working out recently too, so hopefully that fat pad will shrink and help me out a bit. Six months to a year from now I’ll be a new man.


Cool, good luck dude

Of course they are possible! Just make a commitment and stay focused and eventually you will reach all you goals. Your girth is very good to start with, so you probably want to focus on length first. Good luck! :D

Hey man be happy you get any complements at all. You’ve got great girth, and the length your going for can be acheived, count on at least a year though don’t rush it. Good luck man stay positive.

Welcome DDT, (I like to abbrev. screennames, sorry)

Your goals are definitely attainable plus much much more (the global tyranny one will take some work :D ). You will never regret starting PE or coming here to T’s Place. An awesome supporting cast and so much information. Once you start I think you’ll realize that the penile health you gain will mean just as much or more than the size. Keep dedicated, stay patient and you will do well. Good luck to you. Let us know if there are any questions you can’t figure out.


I don’t mean to be the naysayer here but yes I think your goals are very ambitious.

I would manage your expectations down so you don’t get dissapointed, to say .75” in lenght and .25” in girth and take it from there.

You don’t say how how old you are or how active (sexually) these are 2 big factors.

Good luck.

Oh, I should have posted that. Sorry. I turn 28 next month. I am sporadically sexually active. Some stretches without any, but then gangbusters for a time, and back again. Can’t explain it really. I guess I’m moody.

I hope this experience will also help with some erection trouble I had recently. Just couldn’t stay hard at times when duty called. My eating better and getting into shape should help with that too.

Thanks again!

Obtainable, yes the very obtainable.

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