New technique for jelqing


Apart from the regular OK grip for jelqing I am also experimenting with a victory grip for jelqing. Basically what I am doing is making a victory sign with my right hand and grabbing base the penis with it. As if the index and middle finger of my right hand were a scissor and I am cutting the penis with it. Using my left hand I firmly grip the tip of my index and middle finger. Adjusting the pressure of this grip to a comfortable level I then thrust both my hands towards the glans from the base. There are 2 variants to this grip. One is a victory sign with the finger tips point upwards and another is the victory sign with the fingers pointed towards the ground. I have been doing this apart from the regular OK grip for the past 3 weeks. I have not noticed any side affects of this new grip. I would like feedback from anyone who has done a similar experiment.