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New poster with pictures shortly

New poster with pictures shortly

I have a sad pathetic girth, and am definitely not a shower so those are two things I need to work on in the next year. I heard a wrist wrap is good for non showers, so I may try that down the line. I will do precise measurements with posted pictures, but my erection length is above average, but girth is below average. Seems like women, if given an option, prefer girth over length, as long as length isn’t incredibly small. This is the regimen I am going on which I stole from another post. I added some to it however.

-5min warm-up ~ by soaking in a heated cup of water
-100 second Manual Clamp with each hand ~ having just heated up your unit, you want to utilized the flexibility of those tissues and start your session with those tissues being fully stretched out. I count to 50 doing Manual Clamp 2 and then another 50 with Manual Clamp 1, and then do the same with the other hand.
-200 Dry-Style Wet-Jelqs ~ 25 with one hand then 25 with the other up to 100. I try to hold it for 3 seconds.
-200 seconds (5min) same as the first Manual Clamp session but this is held for 300 seconds. (Approximately 5 min)
-I am also planning a cable clamp soon as I go to walmart. I will start cable clamping because I heard this is very good for girth.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Also, any problems with doing any of these exercises in a bath.

Take things slowly at first until you get the feel of things and how your body reacts to the exercises… A good warm up is so important to lower the chance of injury so stick with tht part of things… I’m willing to bet that you will find you gain rather quickly given your starting size… Keep positive and track what you are doing and when so if something does not work you can switch or ramp things up… Great bunch of guys here and welcome to the best forum of it’s type.


Is that what you really use for a wrap. Lol.

By the way, very nice dick.

Hey mankind, Welcome to Thunder’s.

Just a word of warning. If you are brand new to PE then you will most certainly hurt yourself with routine you laid out in the first post. I would say to give yourself at least a month with the Newbie Routine. And even after that be extremely careful with cable clamping. It is intense.

That being said. I hope you do well. If you have any questions you can’t figure out please ask. This is a very helpful and informative group.


I do have a question. I have been looking at posts and still don’t understand LOT, and how to determine LOT. Then, once you have your LOT, what does that mean for exercising, ect. It has something to do with ligaments, but thats all I understand. IF someone can explain LOT to me that would be awesome.

Don’t let not understanding LOT stop you from PEing or even stretching. It is more of a guide than a rule. Pull in all directions. You can consetrate on pulling more toward your LOT if you 1) can figure out what your LOT is and 2) you agree with Bib’s findings. But don’t just pull in one direction. Variety is the spice of life. Good luck to you.


Thank you thunder very much, great info. I finally found out what LOT means. And Room2Grow, that is great advice, I hadn’t even thought about that. I’ve mainly been jelqing sitting down and jelqing out and up. I will vary my routine thank you.

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