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Developing pictures

Developing pictures


I was just wondering how everyone goes about getting their PE pictures developed. Does everyone have a digital camera and just uploads them to their computer? I don’t have a digital camera and don’t really want to bring a picture of my dick into the picture developing place. I guess I could borrom a digital camera from a friend but I’d have to make 100% sure I deleted all my penis pictures. Is there anyone out there who uses a regular camera for penis pictures, and if so, how do you get your pictures developed?


Hi Mick,

I guess most of guys here use digital cameras or webcams:) !

You can get a digital camera for under $40.

Click here. Or here to get a full list of retailers.

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It would certainly be interesting going to collect your pics from the developers :o

Couldn’t do it myself (not at my current size).

(Hmmm… maybe that could be my target, ie. big enough to have some pics developed and pick them up myself :D )

Community Standards

I strongly advise against taking film that contains ANY POSSIBLY OFFENSIVE materials into ANY commercial photo processing lab. As I understand it, a worker who sees an image they deem to be offensive TO THEIR PERSONAL STANDARDS will report you to the authoritites.

Don’t assume that just cause it’s a solo pic of yourself that you’re safe from criminal proceedings. Do you want to take the risk that you would be found innocent in a court of law? If so, by all means, fight the authorities. But otherwise, pop for the digicam.

That said, if you live in a major city, you’re probably safe if you take your film to a lab that does artists’ and professional photographers’ work.

Well I’m the same I don’t no how to my pic up but hey it’s all good

Do you have a web cam save it on disk then send it to may yourself I think that might work I’ve not yet do it cos I’m new at this too.

Well good luck

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