New guy to hanging. Obtainable goals

Hello everyone. First let me say that this looks like a very supportive group of guys. That’s something that is definitely needed on this journey.

I purchased a hanger last year, The Grip. It’s a vac hanger. I used it a few times but then put it away. Actually I used it without wrapping the glans, got a blister and said screw this. I pulled it back out on 4/1/12 and intend on using it daily to reach my goals. I like this because it an ADS that can be used as well.

For erect length I would like to gain 1-1.5”
Flaccid length I want 2” more

My starting stats:
EL - 7.5” nbp
EG - 6” midshaft, 6.5” base
FL - 6-6.5” 90% of the time

EL - 8.5”+
EG - happy with it, but would like midshaft to equal base
FL - 8”

I know it may sound weird, but my ideal is to get my flaccid length as close to my erect length as possible. Yeah, I know it’s just for show and not really useful, but it’s what I want.

I have read where there is thought that showers have a much harder time lengthening than growers. My hope is that even if that is the case I could still manage to add 1” to my flaccid, even if I only add .5” to erect length.

What kind of time frame do you think this could be accomplished?

Any input, advice, etc is definitely appreciated.