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Need to add girth!

Need to add girth!

Is it posible to add length and girth at the same time,When I concentrate on length ie hanging I seem to loose a little girth,why is this? What is the best way to add girth?

I measure 6.75 x 5.5 erect, target size 7.5 x 6.5

Thanx guys


I added .5”x.5” in nearly 4 months just by wet jelqing and manual stretching. But I didn’t show any gains in the last month. So, I’m pretty sure others too will tell you that it is possible to add length and girth at the same time but it is better to concentrate on length before. However, everybody is different and there is not a unique route to one’s goal. Welcome aboard and good luck with your goals.

As Snoop mentioned, I wish there was a “manual” to follow or possibly a test you could perform that would reveal what exercises would benefit you the most. Personally over the last 10 weeks or so, manual stretching and jelqing has given me both length and girth. I’ve slightly tailored these basic exercises for the time being to focus more on length, as girth looks easy for me.

Try jelqing and incorporate squeezes near the end of your jelq routine (after a few weeks) . Oh, and heat up good before!!

Seems different strokes for different folks! Jelqing certainly develops both length and girth, however most have a harder time with gaining girth. I suggest jelqing or hanging untill you get your length and then concentrate on clamping. Some claim that girth inhibts length work because there is more tunica tissue.

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