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Need Help with length

Need Help with length

I think my girth has increased well. I’m pretty close to the 5 inch mark, and I used to be 4.5 inches.

But my length hasn’t increased. What are the major factors for increasing length?

Find your lot LOT Threads (loss of tug) and pull your junior at lower angles

Originally Posted by sparky91
Find your lot LOT Threads (loss of tug) and pull your junior at lower angles

Sorry, but I can’t understand the LOT theory.

Can somebody explain it easier for me?

Have you tried tried this simplified explanation?


So wait, if it’s stretched upwards, gains are better and faster?

If your LOT is high, stretch low. If your LOT is low, stretch high.

High LOT means you have lots to gain from the ligs, low LOT means you should stretch the tunica up to raise your LOT.

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