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length from jelqs


length from jelqs

I think it is commonly excepted that 70% erect jelqs increase length, whilst 100% erect jelqs don’t.

I have been considering whether one would get even more length gain if the erection level was less than 70%. If 70% gives more length gains than 90%, why wouldn’t 50% give more length gains than 70%. Or for that matter, why wouldn’t 0% erect stretching give more length gains than jelqing at any level of erection?

Are we to presume that the length gains will be increased further the less erect the penis is? Are we also to presume that jelqing increases length by the identical mechanics that occur from stretching the tunica whilst flaccid and that there is no extra beneficial mechanics from being partially erect, or sliding blood forwards, that might aid length gains, ontop of the tunica stretching which is taking place, in the identical way that occurs from flaccid tunica stretches? Is the partial erection infact lessening the length gains due to there being less stretchability in the penis? Are the partial erections and the sliding of blood forwards, souly beneficial for the girth alone?

Is there anything about having partial erections or sliding blood forwards that is able to contribute to length gains when pulling/jelqing on the dick, or is the occurance of partial erections just hindering the stretch and lengthening potential from the pulling/jelqing?

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I think I heard someone jelqing for length at as low as 40%. I don’t know about the 0% theory, but I guess that figures how stretching and hanging work in theory maybe. I don’t know and I am off to class today in a few minutes. Maybe jelqing is really for just recovery of penile atrophy with age in accordance to length?

Good questions though. Others will chime in with good responses I know for sure.

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I brought this up in my thread discussing V-stretches I mention it in reference to a ULI-chamber. I feel that the blood trapped ahead of your jelqing stroke provides a good platform for grabbing ahold of. Contrary to popular opinion I believe the length stretching happens behind the jelq hand in my opinion. I am working on a model to show this. Unfortunately I also have to leave right now as well.

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So Tube…you’re basically saying it’s best to be jelqing at ~50%? I know what you are talking about, the penis is still somewhat flaccid but has enough blood in it so that while your pulling up, it stretches the ligs at the same time…interesting theory…

I have always jelqed at about 40 - 50 %. I found this way I could really force the blood into the glands and get a great stretch to boot!

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A very interesting question. And I’m surprised this thread hasn’t received more attention than it has given that nothing less than better gains hangs in the balance.

I’m a newbie whose been Peing for 1 month with nothing yet to show for it except a little girth- I think. I only started stretching in the last week, and prior to that I had done strictly jelqs at very high erection levels. I was inspired by Krowax, who has himself achieved great gains through high erection jelqs; he does very little stretching. His case made me wonder if perhaps the gains that people make through semi erect jelqing are achieved through more than just the stretching component inherent in the motion. Maybe the build up of blood in the penis increases length as well as girth.

My failure to achieve gains however has forced me to reconsider. It is possible that krowax is just a freak- there are some members who would make gains no matter what their routine- and that I’d be better served by trying lower erection levels, which would hopefully bring about length gains.

Its also possible that I gave up too early, and that with continued application I would gain length from the high erection jelqs. But truth be told, I don’t want to chance getting more girth until I make a few inches gain in length, lest my penis start looking like a tree stump.
I’ve already got 6” girth; unfortunately I’m the same in length.

I’ll write back on this thread in a month to relay my progress. If I make any gains at all, it would bolster the idea that it’s the stretch part of the jelq that increases length.

Maybe this is just me being compulsive- but I like to think that after a stretch session- the jelqing will inflate the “pre-stretched” tissue and help push my dick towards gaining better.

Basically, if you stretch a latex balloon before you inflate it, it will inflate easier. I figure that principle will help me gain.

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I find it impossible not to get erect when wet jelquing.

I find it hard to keep a certain level of erection while wet jelqing.

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I’ve never wet jelqed before, only dry. This is only so I don’t have to explain to my family why I have a bottle of baby oil in my room lol… Is wet jelqing more effective for girth work? (sorry about it being off topic but this thread is dead anyway :D )

I can’t believe I’m hearing you admitting not knowing something, man-of-10!

Wet-jelqs are more effective for length than dry-jelqs - at, least, this is the general belief.

Originally Posted by marinera

Wet-jelqs are more effective for length than dry-jelqs - at, least, this is the general belief.

No wonder I haven’t gained much girth.

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Originally Posted by marinera
I can’t believe I’m hearing you admitting not knowing something, man-of-10!

Wet-jelqs are more effective for length than dry-jelqs - at, least, this is the general belief.

Yeah I guess I do like to believe I’m right once in a while, but hey who doesn’t :D

So I’m wanting only girth, with no length right now. Should I change to wet jelqs, or is it not worth the effort?

Thanks marinera!

I have read some Seniors who had ED and started PEing got most of their length gains early because they were jelqing with 30-40% erections. Seems like this is just another type of stretch with minimal girth rewards.

I have always thought that the more erect you jelq the more you work on girth, and the less, the more you work on length. I certainly hope so! That’s now my work out is designed!

I have also noticed that dry jelqing is better for girth with higher EQ. Plus less clean up. Just make sure to put on some moisturizer after you shower.

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On another note, I noticed last week after I got a massage my flaccid length was enormous! Apparently being relaxed and having good blood circulation helps the flaccid hang. That and a nice masseuse ( I had to concentrate pretty hard not to get an erection ). =)

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All I can say was the advice given to me less than 20 posts ago. That was, like what tube mentioned, that blood ahead of the jelqing motion helps. The best visuals after a wet jelqing session was kegeling right after a stroke, then squeezing the base to trap the blood.

Now, like Mr. Whiskers, I couldn’t really stay erect at all after about 30 strokes or so, and would have to get it back up before resuming. But the kegels, plus some colorful visualizations during, means I only really have to stop-and-stroke once in a whole 200-set. And the erection level ,depending on how far my imagination takes me, hovers between 50%-80%. If variety is good, then this might be a useful state to be in.

It may not work for everyone, but that’s what I found at least in his case. It’s always looked a lot longer after the kegels were implemented, compared to when they weren’t.

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