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Need help from girth gainers!


Need help from girth gainers!

I have no problem gaining length and have been PE’ing for quite a long time now. I have always had trouble with girth so I am going to dedicate all my time to getting a thicker penis now. I am only 4.5” girth and it is the only thing letting me down now.

Who here has gained a massive amount of girth, truthfully?
I haven’t got a clamp right now because I broke it by doing it up too tight round a thick wrap - the clip bit snapped off and hit me in the face lol. Unfortunately, they are hard to get in the UK so I won’t be getting one for a while.

I need a routine that has worked for someone. E.g. how many times a day do you do the girth work and what exercises? Am I aiming for red spots to show I have worked out properly?

I am not a newbie, but I feel that I am not able to help people gain girth while not being able to do it myself. I love helping people, so I need this gain!

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

I gained 1/2 an inch in girth relatively quickly (4 months) things have sadly slowed down a little now. I was using “perfect” 80% erect Jelqs, coupled with 3-4 moderate pressure squeezes for 15 secpnds. The important part with girth seems to be allowing your unit sufficient rest. I’ve had some experience with pumping also but I find it kills my EQ so easily, although I can got some amazing short-term expansion @ low pressure.

Currently my routine (still gaining) consists of around 50 80% erect Jelqs, nice and slowly, consistent light force, then 5 squeezes at a decent pressure to induce some impressive expansion; finally I use an adjustable cockring to semi-clamp (not the kind of pressure achieved via normal clamping) for 3 sets of 5 minutes, finally finish by edging for 20 minutes.

Doing this 2 days on 1 day off AVERAGELY, it’s important to allow your unit to fully recover from the previous PE session before you continue.

Nice routine. I want some girth as well. Thanks.

Do you kegel blood in before each jelq when you do your 80% erection jelqing?

Which cockring do you use and is it available in the UK? Also, could you explain your squeezes?

Sorry for harassing you lol.

Thanks for the reply.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Yes I tend to kegal blood into my unit with each jelq, I also use an overhand right grip, but an underhand left grip to try and bias developement to fix my slight left curve.

Squeezes: I achieve a 30% erection, then I grip around the base of my unit and kegal blood (quickly shutting off outflow with my grip) until my unit is engorged. I hold this for around 15 seconds; but occasionally apply pressure mid-shaft with my free hand (although I often over train doing this)

is the cockring I use.

I started at 4.6” I believe and am now 5.2”

Herbalist, I sent you a PM with a link to where you can buy clamps.

4.6” to 5.2” in about four months?? Awesome man

I gained from 4.6-5 in 4 months, the last .2” has been a real struggle over roughly the same time period.

All I do on my routines is jelq and I get very quick Girth gains.
Just Jelq your heart out and you will be there.

I do however have troubles with gaining length.I would like to be able to gain length a lot easier.
If your interested in the routine just give me a pm or check my old threads.

Mr W

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

I have been clamping for about 3 months now and the results are bad ass. I don’t like to measure, but I can just look at my dick and tell it’s getting thicker. It feels fatter in my hand and the other day my gf looked at it and told me that, ‘it looks so healthy’ (as she continued to suck it). Then last night when were having sex (with my mother in the next room) she could not stop from moaning and groaning and told me that I was ‘going to force her to scream’. I make her cum ALL the time - but these comments were proof that it’s getting thicker. My measurements right now are 7.25 x 5.20 (approx).

My routine is: 5 min warm up , 10 mins of slow jelqs, 3 x 10 clamp sessions. Mon - Girth, Tues - Length, Wed - girth, Thurs - Length, Fri - Girth, Weekends - rest.

The most important thing to do is not over work your dick. My length days are basically off days since I don’t do TOO much. Just enough to stretch it out a little. Girth exercises really fatigue my dick and if I go too many days in a row I get bad eq, and I like to keep it up as high as possible.

Rest, lots of water and refraining from jacking off too much and you’ll love what you get from clamping!! Good luck!

These days I think I DO have a pretty big dick

|| Currently NBPEL 7x5 || Long Term Goal 7.5x5.75 || Target Date for long term goal = December 2010 ||

Don't over train!! Less is more!! Drink water!! Eat right!! Be consistent!! Think Positive!! Size is the least important factor in sex!

I’ve also had real problems gaining girth, I am now trying pumping combined with some manual girth exercises. 5min jelq and squeeze warmup, then (at the moment) 2x10min water pumping at 1/2 inch below BPEL and then 5-10 min jelq and squeeze warm down. Mon, wens and Friday, rest on weekends. I will adjust the days according to my EQ. I’ll be damn if I don’t see any girth gains this time. I might add clamping in a few months if this doesn’t give me any results.

I feel it is working though, I have great expansion coming out of the tube.

I’ve been doing girth PEing strictly for about 2 years. I’ve only gained a little more than a half of an inch in cemented girth. If I were to account for uncemented gains then it would be a lot more. I’ve had trouble gaining girth as well. I started out doing to much for to long. Girth gains are fickle. Just find your routine and stick to it. I use clamping and high erection dry jelqs. I started out around 5.3 and I’m close to 6 now. I’ve read that many guys find that girth gains are harder than length gains. There’s a lot more tissue to expand and heal in girth PEing compared to length PEing.

Sorry I haven’t been around much, I have got family here and the computer is in the living room where we all sit lol. I just wanted to thank you all for you input, some nice guys here :D

I will keep going with the girth work, I have gained over an inch in length and been doing PE with different techniques for about 2 years but not had even .1 of a gain in girth - it’s really evil lol.

Like I said, thanks everyone - will be back on here religiously again soon :D

(n.b. sorry if I have not answered somebody in any other threads that I have been on recently).

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Excellent can’t wait till you get back.

What was the routine you used for all your length?

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

When you’re conditioning clamp the fuck out of your dick for as hard and long as possible and you’ll see some nice gains.

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