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Need advice

Need advice

Hi there.I am PE for more than 3 months now doing the newbie routine.The problem I have is after manual stretching my penis feels loose and I can’t get an erection so I can do any jelq.That made me try different things to avoid this problem and to adjust but with no success.And of course the result is 0.I just want to see if anyone else had the same problem and how he solved it.Any advices are more than welcome

Stretching can lower EQ. Have you tried doing jelqs before stretching?

No.didn’t know I can go in this order.So right after jelq,stretching?

Right after, or even some hours apart - say jelq in the morning and stretching in the evening.

The thing is I live in a shared flat so I have to do it in one go.I can’t split it on parts.Is that a problem?I can try jelq,wait 5 min for the erection to cool down and stretching.Is that sounds ok?


Yes, that sounds OK.

Thank you both.I’ll give it a try.

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