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Mysterious Girth Increase

Mysterious Girth Increase

Hello Everyone! I have been PEing for about 6 months, and the last three months I have been getting very serious about it. When I first started I was BPEL
6.75 x 4.5 and now present day I am 7.25 x 5.0. The girth gain seems very impressive to me, but here’s the unusual part. The only thing I do in my routine is Manual stretches and I wear an extender as much as possible. Both of these routines are supposed to primarily effect length. So how did I gain an equal amount of girth?
Also it should be known that my girth gains came super fast, I don’t know the exact time but one day I woke up and noticed that my Willy felt fatter. I measured it and found that it grew half an inch from the last time I measured which was only 2-3 months ago.

I have come up with three theories for this accidental Girth increase. I need your help deciding which one is the most plausible.

Number 1: I used Cialis recreationally for awhile and it caused me to have painful morning wood. This may have cause it?

Number 2: I just turned 21. It may still be possible that I’m still growing in girth?

Number 3: The websites that sell extenders claim that Girth will increase as well as length. Extenders can be used for Girth?

Please reply and tell me your theories on these three explanations. If you have had experiences with Cialis, or extenders increasing girth please reply as well.

Your guess is as good as mine but nr.2 sound possible since some users get girth as well as length with an extender(stretches). One just never know how the penis is going to respond to a certain excercise until one tried it.

Be happy thought, some of us have to work alot harder then that to gain. Congrats.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

There are lots of reports of guys doing hanging and stretching exercises that also get girth gains. I think it just has to do with the fact that many PE exercises stimulate potential growth, but how your penis responds is just one of life’s little mysteries.

One thing remains constant. Any gain is a good gain no matter how achieved.

More than likely its a combination of all three.

Cause after a intense clamping session I have Soreness with my morning wood. Cialis probably forced more blood than was normal into your willy whilst using the extender causing a girth gain. And the fact that you may have still been growing didn’t hurt either.

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Don’t ask why, just enjoy using that new girth hah. Congrats on the impressive gains.

How long does a penis grow for? What age does growth typically cease around?

I swore some people told me they still grew up until 25.

Growth normally stops at 21 for men. Penis growth normally stops at around 14-16 years old depending on when you hit puberty. Some people may grow after those ages but its pretty unlikely.

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Originally Posted by Under6dreamof9
Don’t ask why, just enjoy using that new girth hah.

I would want to know why, So I can keep doing it!

Great job man! I hope I can gain stats like that in that amount of time.

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Thank you Everyone!

BigZ are you sure that are penises stop growing at 14-16? I once read that it stops growing 2 years after your body stops growing, which would make it at ages 21-23.

I’m positive it stops after puberty. When most people reach the age of 16 their dick is totally done growing. Like I said above though some people may grow after that age but it is pretty unlikely.

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