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My routine

My routine

Hey guys i just wanna give u some details about me before i give u my workout just so u know if its good or not ;) . i just started PEing for about a week now and stuck with this routine i made up. its extensive, working a lot of stretches but i dont do each for that long or hard since i dont want to injure myself or take it too fast. my workout is 2 days on 1 day off and i try not to masterbate at all but if i do its 1 time a week…and its on a day off if i do. i think i’m more concerned with length for now. width will come after i get comfy with a routine, i can add some widtch exercises in

1) shower warmup. i have a bench in my shower so i just point the shower head at my groin area with a washcloth around it as a warmup. also while warming up i do some kegels. not a lot but some to get blood flowing.
2) Basic stretches in every direction(flaccid) i hold each for about 10 seconds then on my 3rd stretch i do 12 seconds or so.
3) V stretch. i do 3 stretches of these and hold the first 2 for 12 seconds and the 3rd for 15. after each stretch i rest for about 12 seconds.
4) 3 sets of DLD blasters. in the first 2 sets i do 8 and i do 10 in the third.
5) wet jelqs. i dont do that many. i do about 80 with my penis facing up, and 80 with it toward the ground. each one is about 3 seconds.
6) Cool down for 5 mins with a warm washcloth.

basically i want to see if this anything i can do to get the best results? should i increase the workout, decrease it? i went with some sort of conservative (or in my eyes) because i didnt want to jump into something i was newer to. i have been reading the forums on what are the best things to do. plz be honest :)

y do mods always give me that link, then i see another noob post his routine and he gets a lot of encouragement? im a noob so i went to the noob page…i know there is a routine page.

well plz correct me cuz i dont see anything wrong with my post….sorry if i have questions. i just thought the routine posts would be for ppl to show their routines, not ask questions about them. for somehting i dont know i go to the noobie forums…

…i have… there is no other post out there can can accurately say if my routine is good or not, no matter how many i read. i can find out if someone elses routine is good but not mine. i already asked if i should move it to the routine pages, but since it was a question i thought it would go into the newbie forums…

Oh gees. OK, that is all I wanted to know.

I want to apologize as well. The link you give out for the forum guidelines is not good for my use. When i actually went to the Guideline section in the forums it had everything i needed to know. The link did not have that, it must be cut off in my window. Would I be able to re-post this in the Routine section correctly?

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