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Comments about my routine?

Comments about my routine?


I´m not a total newbie. I have been doing some hanging before and gained a little bit. After a break with PE I then started again 3 months ago. Now I use a Size genetics extender 3 hours a day with the VLC tugger modification. I also pump with Bathmate 20 minutes a day and do 100 wet jelqs with a jelq device. I have gained 0.2 inches the last 3 months and 0.2 inches before. So in total 0.4 inches (1 centimetre). How much do you think I can gain with my current routine in a half year?

I like the fact that I can do other stuff when I use the extender and the fact that the pumping and jelqs don´t take so much time. However I don´t think my gains are so good after all effort I have put into this.

Will some manual exercises boost the progress? Is it necessary? I have seen guys posting much better gains with only 20 minutes manual exercises a day. However it would be nice if it´s possible to gain a lot with my routine and don´t feel I have to remember 15 different angles and routines that I manually have to do every day.

Every gains is a bless so if it is working, don’t change it. A manual based routine is generally adviced and doesn’t require significatively more time than using a bathmate and jelqing, anyway.

Good on you! That is a substantial gain in a very short time. It looks like quite the routine so be careful not to overdo it to the point that EQ drops or you will need a rest.

My current dimensions: flaccid: 8" x 6.5" erect: 9.5" x 7.125" glans: soft length:1.825" soft diameter 1.65" firm length:2.286" firm diameter:1.90"

Goal: flaccid: 9" x 7" (.1" length .5" girth) erect: 10" x 8" ( .5" length 1" girth) glans: soft length: 2.25" soft diameter: 2" firm length: 2.5" firm diameter: 2.25"

Ultimate goal: flaccid: 10" x 8" erect: 11.5" x 9.75" glans: soft length: 2.5" soft diameter: 2.25" firm length: 4" firm diameter: 3" In other words: A big, fat elephant cock!

Thanks for answers. Maybe I compared to much with the persons gaining most. I may stick with my routine for a while. I just think it´s nice to have the hands free and be able to do other things in front of the computer as I can do with an extender on or when I use the pump.

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