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My routine

My routine

Am always finding it hard to be consistent with PE, and have stopped on many occasions for no apparent reason other than my own lethargy.

Have started up again now though and this will be my routine from now on. I hope to carry on and reach my objective this time round of 8” , which is a massive 1.5-2” gain.

My daily routine will consist of :

Jelqing first thing in the morning 30-60 minutes. This will be a mixed up routine of jelqing and stretches.

Shower, more stretching, good to warm down, I spend quite a while in the shower :) so lets say 10-15 of fulcrum and from behind stretches (sorry not good with the terminology)

Then weights hanging for 1-2 hours at 2kg check my weights hanger pics to see what I mean.

Finally ADS pro extender for 4-6 hours

Finally another jelq session in the evening with clamp , I like to clamp and jelq, brings out the veins


I’m new to this, but the only contribution I could make is to take it easy to begin with. Your rod needs to be conditioned gently into each routine to prevent damage.

I am not new to PE , more a stop starter, and starting up again now after a break of about 7-8months

You are trying to kill you EQ by trying to do all that;

If you are starting PE newbie is the best possible way to start. More in pe does not necessary mean better, you might end up damage your tissues if your dick can’t recover from amount of exercises, you will get zero gains

Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"

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