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My Routine

My Routine

Totally new to this, I wanted to know what you think about my routine for the first 2-3 months. The goal is to condition myself, but I’m mainly going for length as soon as I can, my measurements are:

BPEL- 6.25”
NBPEL- 5.4”
MSEG- 5.15-5.25”
BEG- 4.9-5”
BPFSL- About the same as my BPEL, maybe a 1/8” over or so.

This is the for the first week:

-10-15 Min. Warm-Up (Hot wrap/rice sock)
-1 Set of 45-60 sec. Manual stretches in all five directions (easing into the stretch for the first 5-15 secs)
-50 Standard Wet Jelqs @ ~50-60%.
-10-15 Min Warm Down (Hot wrap/rice sock)

I planned on increasing the number of jelqs over the weeks so that it looks something like this: 50,50,75,75,100,125,150,175,200, Etc. I also plan introducing 1-2 more sets of manual stretches at about week 5. The schedule for the first two weeks is M-W-F, and then going into 5 on and 2 off afterwards. All of this depends on my PI’s, but that’s the plan. What are your thoughts on it all?

And one more final question:

When would it be ok to introduce more types of stretching? For example, V-Stretches/A-Stretches, JAI’s, stretches targeting the tunica, etc.


Good start, just remember you will be adding more sets to your routine in the future, so don’t worry about adding different stretches at this point.

Thanks. I was thinking along those lines, but wasn’t sure if there was a better alternative.

Anybody else?

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