My Routine please help

Okay I have been in the PE for 12 days now. I wanted to ask you guys what do you think that I should do to gain more length. I’m going to post my routine because I want to have advice of what I should do about it to be more confident of what I’m doing and if I am doing it right.

5 minutes of hot water in the shower

2 sessions of 1 minute in every direction. In the end its 2 minutes for up 2 for down 2 for center 2 for right and 2 for left.
(I do more stretching whenever I can during the day because I always try to make the PE in the morning after I eat and drink my L-Arginine 2Grams)

I do from 100 to 200 jelgs of 2 to 3 seconds top.

All of my PE I do it in the shower with the hot water running into my penis to keep it warm always.

Comment and make suggestions for me so I can get the best benefit out of PE. Thanks.

My Starting Pics.