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My routine is it to much

My routine is it to much

Just a bit of history on my PEing. I started in March 2006 with penis health. I also took MagnaX. The summer came and my time was limited due to kids. I started back up again with a routine in Sept 2006. Since them I have been doing penis health and what I have been learning here at Thunders. I am in my fifth month on pro solution. I have started with a extender from sizegenetics at the end of November. I have grown in length and thickness. My question is: Doing the extender for 4 to 6 hrs with two days on and one off. Also dong PE excises and taking pills. Is this to much? I do find it hard to get an erection sometimes. I work 8 days a month, 24 hrs at a time.

This is a amazing site gentlemen and ladies.


I use my ability to get erections as my guide to overPEing. Whenever I have difficulty getting hard, I give myself a break for a day or two. For me, increased length and girth isn’t worth Mr. Woodrow not being functional.

October 2006: BPEL - 7", EG - 6"

January 2007: BPEL - 7.25", EG - 6.25"

August 2007: BPEL - 7.5", EG - 6.25"


Forget the pills.

They don’t work. Make a search in this forum. Nobody in here uses pills, and the guys here know what they are doing.

Regarding erections: pe should make them better, at least not worse. So take it easy, pe needs patience and perseverance. As band1 said, a loss of erection quality is an indicator for overdoing. What is a bigger dick good for if it is non-functional?

Later - ttt

Your wasting your money with the pills, they don’t work. Try to resell them so you can get your money back, because they do not work.

Your routine is not too much.

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