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My routine for your review.

My routine for your review.

Hello. I am pretty new to PE so I was hoping to get some feedback about my routine. I have taken this from other posts I have read and by trying some stretches out. If the stretch felt like it was working used it.

Here is my routine:

Warm up (usually a nice hot shower making sure I let my penis soak)
200 kegels + 10 5 second holds and 5 10 second holds
Manual stretching - 5 in all directions held for 30 seconds
1 60 second BTC stretch
10 minutes dry jelq ( I usually jelq at a pretty low level of erection. It is just enough that the penis is plump. I hold a kegel at the end of each stroke.)

I also do more stretches throughout the day irregularly.

I plan on increasing the time of jelqs to 15 minutes and the stretches to 10 in all directions in another week or so.

My goals are modest. I am looking for a gain of about 1 inch in length and 1 inch in girth. I consider my cock pretty thick so I am more concerned with length as of right now. I feel that I have gained because my penis seems larger and “beefier” but I think this has more to do with the increased handling and blood flow. I have been doing this routine for about a week now. I was doing nothing but trying out some manual stretches the week before.

I have no doubt that PE can work. I am still learning the exercises and hope to see an increase in gains as I get more practiced.

Looks like a slightly modified newbie routine to me, so yeah my guess is it’s all good, especially if your just starting out.

Good Luck with your PEing

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